Hercules suckled ~ on Hera’s bossom milk flowed ~ to earth white lily


grow as the lily ~ the esoteric teachings ~ petal purity


Anoint my coffin ~ single stems of perfect green ~ trumpet my call home


ForΒ HaikuBadge_Final


19 thoughts on “Lily

    • Panchali thank you – I did not look at the pattern that way when I wrote – but I do see what you mean, so enjoyable when readers look at our words in a different perspective. πŸ™‚ x

  1. Interesting … mixing cultures … Japanese poetry for Greek mythos

    I like the linear haiku too…I did not see the Haiku poster at the bottom as I was reading, however, it felt haiku-like without ‘looking’ haiku. When I saw the logo at the bottom I went back up and counted.

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