Safe Haven


What length of time
causes our
outer shell to harden
skins when born so soft
pile on velvet cushions
cotton wool
day to day survival
forms our crust
hurtful painful moments
we toughen
with each lesson
we teach ourselves
grow up
cloaking tears
self discovery
in our own pain
we grow
we harden
giddy happiness
does not spring to mind
memories of good love
living breathing
darker interludes
forms our crust
the cortex of
to the outside
perhaps not ourselves
this is a monster


Footnote: There is a monster at the end of this.
Perhaps it is a nice monster. One that is cute & cuddly and we don’t have to be afraid of. Maybe it’s nice, like Grover. Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s scary or hides under the bed until all the lights are out. Maybe it’s human. Maybe it’s not. All I know is that at the end of this….there is a monster. Is it hairy with big teeth? What does it eat? Me? I hope not, but…
Brian from Dverse has set the challenge.

This is my 1st entry into I was prompted to have a peek by the lovely Miriam (as I so enjoy prompts). Critique very welcome  and encouraged as I am relatively new to the Poetry World.

25 thoughts on “Safe Haven

  1. you know…i think that is just something good to be reminded of… when we get hurt, it’s so natural that we try to protect ourselves, hardening our crust yet it also robs us off our sensitivity and softness for other things… nicely penned and welcome at dVerse..smiles

  2. Somehow it seems that must see our inner selves as something vulnerable, needing an outer crust to protect it! Sometimes that becomes a sad fact of life! A lovely piece of poetry!

  3. Our life experiences certainly do add layers and we feel we need protecting. It’s hard to break that crust once it has formed. A terrific perspective on the prompt Jenny and hope to read more of your poems in the future. 🙂

  4. “day to day survival
    forms our crust
    hurtful painful moments
    we toughen
    with each lesson”– An inspiring piece…addresses a big poignant issue…! We need to think about all of the ways we can get over life’s challenges. Bravo! Great work, rambly!

  5. nice…welcome to dverse…and to poetry…smiles
    it starts with us just trying to protect ourselves but anything taken too far
    as we harden and convince ourselves it is still for a good reason
    it can become scary….

    • Thank you for the welcome Brian, I know I will enjoy the prompts. Thank you also for reading and commenting. I have read most of the other entries to date and I love the way we all weave our words and thoughts in different directions. 🙂

  6. The crust of the outer skin is for survival and shields us from rejection and pain. But I think we learn to know when to put this up and when to put this down ~ If we can’t handle this, we become monsters ~ Very nice perspective ~

    And lovely to meet you ~ Prompts and challenges expand our writing pen, so please join us again ~

    • Hello Grace, Thank you for reading. I did have 2 comments, it was late when I read this and could not reply, so now I do. You are right, yes our crust is our shield, as I wrote to Mary, being able to know when to keep it up or release it is a fine line. I am glad that you enjoyed the read and thank you for your welcome to dVerse.

  7. So nice meeting you, Rambly! You have written some profound thoughts here about a very real monster. However, I often think that there is good reason for the outer shell to harden. It protects our vulnerabilities from attack, and perhaps this is not in all ways bad.

    • Can I tell you something? I luv you. This is such a compliment and I have the fuzzies inside as I read and type. My focus is all over the shop at times Beck – as you will have seen, you have the ability to create ‘real text’ I want you to try – in fact write something and email me first if you wish? It makes me so happy that the words that spring into my head have such a connection and reaction to those that read – and for you to say this..brings a tear of joy. xxxx

  8. “forms our crust
    the cortex of

    oh, very good…
    love what you did here – excellent work, hun! i caught myself nodding along while i read. great poem

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