Travelling again – oh wouldn’t it be luverly

Yesterday the 13th of April (well over here it was) daughter # 2 with her hubby of course (because she wouldn’t leave him at home)  left our fair Australians shores (the one that’s girth by sea) if you know our Anthem (which we pretty much all dislike) or is that just me?   Anywho, they have embarked upon a 4 month holiday (yes some can holiday for 4 months through choice)  across the great lands and waters to South America and America.  They left Sydney yesterday afternoon on a 14 hour flight bound for Santiago.  They will be seeing Mucho Pitchoo (that is so not right) it’s Machu Pitchu.  How amazing would that be?? Am I tinsy little bit jealous? Hell yes! But I am also extremely happy that they are able to have this wonderful opportunity and see so much of our world.
Daughter # 2 is an extremely organised young woman, and has given me copies of all relevant paperwork in case of any emergency (no Mumsy don’t stress they will be fine).
She has also provided the keys to her house (probably hinting that housework may be done at liberty whilst she is away). She has also forwarded a …. SPREADSHEET (and don’t I know who will excited when they read THAT word!!) I haven’t yet perused said spreadsheet in-depth, but it lists each plane, bus, car, boat and taxi they will be using. It also lists all the Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses were they will be staying.  It lists the approximate times of arrivals and departures. (So Mumsy knows at any given moment where they are) hopefully. They have already travelled quite extensively ( but I think this is the last ‘big one’) before they return home to  ‘settle’ (though I have been told ‘settling’ will be another year from now) patience Mumsy, patience.
I have travelled to let me see…Queensland, Brisbane, New South Wales..oh and France twice (yes it’s gloat time) Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, top to bottom of UK (seeing most but not all of it sadly) um erm Prague. I have been to New Caledonia (don’t worry you aren’t missing much if you haven’t been) Bali, Thailand and Vietnam.
Maybe I should write about the places I have been to (sings but I’ve never been to me) though I would have to pull from memory banks and sadly there has been too many withdrawals.
How many countries have you been too? (How is that for a grab at views?) Pretty clever huh (winks). Ok let’s define this a little more. If you have visited another country that you loved – tell me why it was so magical, what made you fall in love with it?
For me (rubs brow frantically as this is hard to choose) and I can’t choose just one. I love England, the castles, the cobblestone roads, the bridges, the thatched houses. I feel I belong there (if I didn’t like the warmth so much perhaps I would be). I love Ireland for its open fields, it’s laughter,  its friendliness and ok its (one heck of an adorable accent). I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone (and yes they do wipe it after others have had a turn). Nothing equals the history of Europe and I adore history (strange but true). Seems my memory banks are opening a little and I feel I could indeed write about my travels…but it’s late and I’m tired and my silly finger with its equally silly arthritis is saying STOP TYPING!
So shall I miss my girl  (and my darling Irish son-in-law) *nods* yes I shall very much.  Do share the magical place you have visited.
Below is the list of the places they are going to (taken from said spreadsheet). Goodnight everyone. x
Sydney  they have left here
Santiago they have arrived here
Aguas Calientes
Puerto Mal.
La Paz
La Paz
Isla Del Sol
La Paz
Santa Cruz
Buenos Aires
Sao Paulo
Iguassu Falls
Sao Paulo
Ilha Grande
Florida Keys
St Augustine
St Michaels
New York
Los Angeles
Santa Monica
San Francisco
Yosemite Park
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York



29 thoughts on “Travelling again – oh wouldn’t it be luverly

  1. First – SPREADSHEETSSSSSS !!!! *makes gurgly noises deep in my throat*

    I KNEW I like that daughter of yours.

    Though from her listing … I see she has decided to forgo Vancouver, Washington, USA. *harumph … stomps feet ala Amber*

    And you have travelled wayyyyy more than I.

    While Hawaii is NOT another country … I will say that is one of the favorite places I have been …just because it was so different and so lovely. Other places include Mexico, Canada, the UK of course, Costa Rica, hmm…I am missing a few I think.

    Anyway, I hope your daughter has a good, omg 4 month trip *smiles*

    • I thought you would like that 😉 They have so many places to squeeze in forgive them for not visiting Vancouver, you can stop stamping now 🙂 I have read of your visit to Hawaii, now tell me what you liked about Costa Rica? I am sure she will darling, she will be missing a few events though over here, my birthday her Uncle’s 60th, her grandfather’s 86th, but I am sure I will raise a glass or two for her in her absence 😉 xx

  2. Wow, that’s a lot ground to cover in a spreadsheet… Er I mean 4 months! Gen Y’s attitude is so different to ours. Got two weeks to spare, yep I’ll just take a quick jaunt to the US. Unless it’s local, Aussie or surrounds (NZ, Fiji, New Caledonia etc), I always believed you had to go away for at least 4 weeks to make the airfare and the flight time worthwhile. Now, I suppose airfares are relatively cheaper and jet lag is something you just deal with. I have been to a lot of countries (I’d have to insert them in a spreadsheet to count them ;)). The island of Santorini would have to be one of my favourites, because of its natural beauty and wonderful natives. Love anything East Coast USA also. One day, I’m going to do the classic US road trip. 6 months and as many States I can muster.

    • Morning Jude, yes their attitude is, they haven’t really ‘done’ Australia as yet, perhaps that’s for their retirement days 🙂 I’m with you a min of 4 weeks if O.S to make it worthwhile, as we know everything ulike here is a hop skip and a jump to the countries, whereas over here it’s hours usually in a plane to get from one side to the other! I would LOVE to go to Santorini, the colour, the images look amazing. You are so lucky to have been there! Ah I can see you know, Chevy convertible al la Thelma and Louise 😉 Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Wow; what fun! How does one take a four month holiday? In this country we are lucky to get a four day vacation. That sounds amazing! I’m pretty boring. I’ve traveled the United States extensively, but other than that I’ve been to Mexico, France and Spain. I plan to travel more when and if I ever get to retire. As mentioned before- our vacations are short in this country.

    • They both finished up their jobs to do it Beck. Standardly here we get 4 weeks vacation time per year, which can be taken in bits and pieces or the whole lot at once. It is amazing isn’t it – lucky buggas 😉 So what was your favourite out of the 3 you mentioned…oh and sweety you are far from boring! 🙂 xx

  4. that sounds like the dream of a lifetime trip. Lucky them!!
    Its great that they are doing this now, free and unattached (kids-wise)!
    N. & I traveled a lot together but I did a 3 week cruise when I was 19 with my German grandparents and it was MY trip of a lifetime. We started in Malta and finished in Sri Lanka. I loved the pyramids in Cairo (cliche but VERY impressive & VERY claustrophobic) and I though Yemen was absolutely beautiful! Other than that my 2 favourite trips (with N.) were Norway & New York!

    • Yes indeed they are VERY lucky to be able to do this and I am more than a tinsy bit jealous! Your cruise sounds amazing. I don’t know if I could do a cruise though being stuck on a boat, even though there are the stops and time to explore. I would feel to restricted (but that’s just me) and people swear by them. The pyramids would be awesome. Norway – was it cold when you went (or is it always cold?) and now I have the N.Y song in my head! 🙂 xx Thanks for sharing T.

      • I was lucky to visit Norway three times as N.’s father lived there for 5 years (he was a diplomat). The first time was in June which was awesome (it never gets really dark in the summer, the sun goes down at 10:00 or 11:00 pm) the second was in winter when there was snow all over and freezing temperatures and oh yes, it got dark at 2 pm and the third and greatest of all was in August 2004 where we took my father in laws car and went on a road trip (from Oslo to Bergen). FANTASTIC!

      • I would LOVE the sun to go down at 10 or 11! How amazing (though kids wouldn’t be to happy – or their parents) – dark at 2pm – no Thank You! You seem to do a lot with family and if you can tolerate it that’s such a wonderful ting to do 🙂 xx

  5. Oooooh, I would love to go with them… Can I, can I? Perhaps scurry about in their luggage somewhere. Machu Picchu is on the top of my list of places to travel, along with Barcelona and Portugal. I love that she has a spreadsheet with every little detail…I thought of Katie immediately. I do the same thing when we travel, although I do not like spreadsheets ( pssst don’t let Katie hear me say that 🙂 I was coerced into doing them way back when. Now, I’m a reluctant convert :-))))
    Okay, so I never understood that part of our national anthem – girth by sea… I mean I understand, but it feels like it just doesn’t fit in there. Who cares about the girth anyway. Although, I do remember all of it – yay me!!
    Whaaat, she’s doing Yosemite national park? Lucky girl, I live 4 hours away, and I still have not gone. It is stunning. She’s not visiting San Francisco… So sad. Next time.
    I think seeing Florence and Athens last year was a dream come true, the birthplace of renaissance and the city named after Athena( I’m obsessed with mythology) was more than I could have asked for. 🙂

    • Nope sorry darling I asked and they wouldn’t let me either 😦 I am sure Ms Katie will be tickled that you do spreadsheets 😉 I really think we need to change the Anthem. I think it’s stupid and you are right who gives a toss about the girth? She has chosen well it seems, hmm I don’t know why SF wasn’t on the list (it would be mine) 😉 Oh yes, I am fascinated by Florence…one day Mumsy day and it’s a good thing being obsessed with Mythology 😉 Thank you for sharing your travel tales sweetheart. 🙂 xxxx

  6. Wow, what a list how awesome. Where in Los Angeles, maybe I can meet them for coffee or something or take them to some tourist attraction or not tourist attraction.

    Where have I been? Hmnn–
    Born in Puerto Rico–been numerious times as a youngster.
    Lived in New York City,
    San Franciso 2X
    New Orleans
    Jamaica-4X–my favorite get away place
    Italy 2X-Venice-Rome-Capri-Florence-Sorrento
    Barcelona, Spain.
    London-just a 10 hour layover
    Malyasia- 3 Weeks with the sociopath
    Cancun, Mexcio
    Oahu, Hawaii

    Love to travel–on my Bucket List
    Paris, France,
    Venice, Italy
    Grand Canyon
    Niagra Falls
    Canary Islands

    • I burst out laughing with the Sociopath line in Malaysia!! I will check with them, but knowing my daughter she will already have every second planned out, but such a lovely offer and so sweet of you – thank you!! Yes, I would love to go to Italy hmm and Canary Islands. So which one out of those you have visited was your fave? Of course Australia should be 1st then Cuba…you DO realise that DON’T you? 🙂 xxxx

  7. Wow! What a great experience for your daughter and her husband! I love that she made the spreadsheet and covered all of her bases…when I left on my adventures, my mom didn’t get anything but I did call her about once a week…she was always a nervous wreck! Your daughter is so considerate to do that for you!

    • Hi sweet
      Yes it does make me relax a little more knowing I can pretty much find them if I need too. That and the phone and text messages – well how things have changed from when we went overseas!

  8. Have been meaning to do a similar post – great minds and all that! Have travelled a lot – too many countries to mention – and M and I are working on a plan to be able to travel for four months out of the year – so am a little envious of your daughter! My favourite country outside of my own is Italy – could move there in a second. 🙂

    • Great minds indeed and would love to hear of your travels, how grand to be able to travel for 4 mths in the year…oh I so need to get back working or win a lottery! I am very envious also..believe me 🙂 Italy would be a must for me also. Now tell me why you liked it so much? xx

      • I love the food, the wine and the societal emphasis on enjoying life, family and friends. Socializing over food is one of the very best things that I can think of, and the Italians are very good at this! 🙂

  9. Thanks Lyn, yes I think the Italians and Greek people have an amazing ‘family’ culture, especially where food is involved! Ahh a glass of red and antipasto dish, laughter who could ask for more 🙂 xx

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