Just driving my car

I was out driving this afternoon, not just randomly driving,  there was a purpose to it and as I drove I passed the street where Mr. S use to live – I smiled.
I saw an elderly lolly-pop man laughing and chatting to the school kids that he helped cross the road in safety – I smiled.
I watched people leaving the shopping centres laden with bags of goodies and stopped so that they could cross the street in front of my car – I smiled.
I let a person in the right hand lane come over into the left hand lane in front of me and he held his hand up to gesture thank you – I smiled.
I sat at the traffic lights waiting for them to turn green, watching 3 young mums holding their babies which all looked about the same age – I smiled.
I saw an elderly man driving his battery operated scooter, Australian flag at the back blowing in the wind, his crutches firmly secured – I smiled.
I looked at a woman walking down the street, trying to manage her 3 dogs on leashes – I smiled.
I borrowed Mr. S’s GPS for the trip as I wasn’t sure how to get there and I argued most of the time with the lady who gave me directions – I smiled.
I listened to the radio and heard that a man had lost his life in a car accident near to where I was driving – I didn’t smile,  but thought sadly that is life and the loss of one in the space of an hour.

16 thoughts on “Just driving my car

  1. My sister was out on her horse the other day, and she went to turn right onto a bridle path in Capel, but her horse spooked, so she carried on going. She later found out that 15 minutes later a body was found next to his car up that bridle path.

    That evening I got a message from a friend. His nephew had been murdered in Capel

    A life can be snuffed so easily. In the morning he was probably laughing and joking, and then .. gone. How can this be allowed to happen. How can people do this, whether accidentally or on purpose, the ending is still the same. Someone missing from the planet. All life is precious and we should make the most of it.

    • Oh Alastair such a sad and horrific story, thank you for sharing, yes life is precious and we do not acknowledge those that simply ‘go’. Life is also cruel and to take a life… let us only hope that justice will be served. Horses have such a keen sense of foreboding… so scary to actually here about it from someone. My condolences.

  2. Life goes on around us, the passing of one is part of life, the final part. We most often have no control over these parts of life, we do as you did, enjoy the parts we can, smile as much as possible. We feel sadness when one leaves, it is what makes us human, also accepting, what we can not change, is not a bad thing. Even that voice telling us to recalculate…. and then turn here, you have arrived at your destination. We just try to enjoy the drive as much as we can, Short or long, we can only try to make it a good drive.


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