Ramblingsfromamum will remain

Dear Readers,

I have been rather remiss by not answering the Post that I wrote some days back (or possibly longer) as to whether I should change my name on here from ramblings from a mum to something different.

I had so many wonderful responses and indeed some brilliant names to consider and for that I thank you all.

However I have decided for the time being, to leave it as it is – I hope all that contributed will not be offended for me posing the question and asking for ideas, only then not to forge ahead with a change, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the name I have is indeed the name that should remain. If my writing takes a completely different course, which I can’t see happening, I may revisit the prospect of a name revamp down the track.

I have the propensity to ramble on the odd occasion or two (ok possible more than that) I am also a mum (though I haven’t written too much of late on anything mum related) and  ‘from a’ well that’s just in there. Maybe in the future it will be RamblingAussieMumwhowritespoetryandproseandshortstoriesandloveschallenges but for now
it’s staying put.

Yours Truly

Ramblings from a Mum


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