Bombs In Boston

See the smoke
hear the noise
what has happened
look around
people screaming

people falling
debris scattered
look around
world is changing
who are trusted
what’s the reason
look around
innocent children
loving parents
daughters sons
look around
peaceful running
shattered silence
no more cheering
look around
stop the hatred
cease the death
what’s the point
look around
we are sorry
we know your pain
how can we stop it
look around
bombs in boston
you ran for fun
not for your life
look around
we are sorry….

To those whose lives have been taken away so cruelly and quickly. My thoughts are with all the families, who tonight won’t have their loved ones by their side. My sincere condolences and thoughts are with you all.  xx

40 thoughts on “Bombs In Boston

  1. mum, too many reminders hit too close to home yesterday. i was a competetive runner and sometimes marathoner. the twin towers were my landmark, my halfway point in my nightly 8 mile run when i lived in NY. i worked at The American Stock Exchange right around the corner from the towers. i lost people when they fell. this is unbearably sad, please stop the hatred.

    thank you for writing this so i could vent a little.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, I could only imagine what visions went through your head when this happened. You are welcome, I wrote to share my feelings not for the ‘publicity’ of it all, as I watched the news and read the story as it unfolded over here.
      Times like these we need to vent and share, bottling up will not help how we feel inside, expressing may. Thank you and yes to your ending line WCKT. x

  2. My darling, good afternoon to you too!!!This unsafe world I leave to my children, so much is lost time after time, it baffles me that humans have lost their humanity and can hurt, can deliberately plot and plan with real intent. An intent to scar forever.
    You have touched on everything I felt when I watched last afternoon, horrified and upset. Thank you for such an eloquent verse. Hugging you.

    • I like everyone stunned… so many events and tragedies that our world experiences, for political, religious or simply domination. We won’t be able to all hold hands and love one another for sadly that is not the ‘real world’, but surely somewhere, somehow we can come together as one and put an end to the atrocities that take place. Thank you for reading and your lovely comment. xxx

    • Welcome and THANK YOU for that comment, I had the resounding sound in my head when I wrote it – but until you said it is like the bell tolling, I never knew why, comment very much appreciated as is your reading.

  3. Big hug from me over here in NH just 50 miles from where it happened and so grateful all I know are safe but so sad for those who lost their lives that day and the ones who were maimed. Not to say anything about the carnage that has continued just sickening so thanks so much. xo

      • Thanks so much for writing it and so nice to get to see you again!

        I have wanted peace in our world since 69 and seems I shall never see it in my lifetime no mater how much I close my eyes and meditate 😦

        Yes and the irony now is after ruining so many lives he can not tell us WHY not that in the end it matters as there is no EXCUSE to kill and maim so many innocent people.

        Thanks again!

      • You are welcome Eunice, no, sadly I don’t think peace will ever reign in our lifetime. Innocent lives will always be targeted for political or religious belief. We can only hope that our children’s children or their children see a better world. xxx

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