Pariah – Haiku Heights


Feral dog banished ~ young rusted coat sits alone ~ dumped lost misjudged


Castes not reaching heights ~  master of their destiny ~ march their own beat of Tamil


Please accept my offering for todays word – critique welcome – I did struggle!



19 thoughts on “Pariah – Haiku Heights

  1. I know you struggled but I see your intentions. I had thoughts on the first one…not as criticism…just a different way. feral dog/sits unloved/pariah misjudged. Have no idea if it breaks a rule if a haiku kinda sorta rhymes. Hugs.

  2. caste is an ugly word and has to be done away with. “The system” of dividing or segregating society into rich and poor, privileged and underdogs, educated and not so very well educated, and on the basis of profession and so many more the list is endless!!!!

    • I am sorry if I have offended with writing this – I tried to find a different way of writing the Haiku and when looking up the meaning I read about the caste. Please believe I am in full agreement of what you have said Nanka, the dog Haiku was that those particular dogs are also known as Pariah dogs. Except my apologies if I have offended you.

    • One day GS hopefully that indeed shall happen. Have I offended with this Haiku? If I have, I shall remove it, as I was searching for meanings for Pariah and I built on one of those meanings.

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