‘Tween Winter and Summer Spring Sings Hello

candied orange peel toffee apple red
colours drift to ground casting autumn aside

gloom of winter darkened days
scattered shadows dissipate
frozen morns forgotten goodbye to
nights crispiness as it migrates
for another year

a new season has begun swaying harmony
blossom creaminess caresses the perfumed
breeze floating downwards laying natures carpet
beneath my feet soft blades invite themselves
between my toes spring shows her calling card

scented flowers rainbow from the earth
accompany shy buds eager to display confidence
trees dressed in petalled outfits snuggle leaves
to waken
light of spring holds till late no shadowy clouds spoil
and daffodil trumpets herald the sun to

vibrantly dance

romance smiling faces sun kissed lovers
stroll energised hand in hand

bees buzz
cats purring stretch lazily in sunny alcoves
eggs crack new born feathers break out

to spread their wetted wings
foals unsteady feet
greet the world in warmth on lush and
grassy knolls whilst
deers bend to nuzzle nose of young
hidden amongst forest verdurous
Spring permeating..perfumed..perfection


Open and welcome critique please

Written for http://dversepoets.com/2013/04/20/poetics-spring/

18 thoughts on “‘Tween Winter and Summer Spring Sings Hello

      • As I said it had such a strong melody in it – I always appreciate the rhythm of a poem the most- hence my preference for writing structured poetry. I admire everybody that can add a melody to their work. I sat here in a cafe and read it loud 😉

      • Oh goodness at least you weren’t embarrassed too do so, thank you so much. I do enjoy having rhythm and structure, I just felt that it was a little ‘choppy’, but I take what you said on board and I thank you. 🙂

  1. lovely images danced across my eye with your words. I liked how you splashed fall and winter at the start; I had almost expected to see a foreshadowing of summer at the end. ahh but spring is definitely a season I enjoyed lingering in. probably for all those reasons you listed…it makes me think of new beginnings….

  2. ah you capture the feeling of spring well…loved esp. all the images in the last stanza..the deer, stretching cat..cracking eggs….beautifully done

  3. You have really added a lot of wonderful details in your picture of spring. The mention of the foals and also of the mother deer bending to nuzzle the noses of their young were my favorites.

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