Rambly is taking a small break

My dear Readers,

Rambly/Mumsy/aka Jen is having a small break from posting. I am finding myself somewhat exhausted after writing continually for the last month. My brain is a little frayed at present and I need to step away for a short time, to gather strength, to revitalise my muse and soul search on how often I write and perhaps indeed what I write.

I shall be trying to read what I can, of those whom I follow, but for the time being, I am not able to catch up with everyone on a daily basis as I have been doing, so if I don’t leave a comment or hit a ‘like’ I ask for your forgiveness. For those who may worry about me, please do not, I am fine, I am just a little tired, physically and mentally. I know my ‘stats’ will plummet, my followers may drop off, but such is life in the ‘blog’ lane.

I have pushed myself for the love of writing…because that is who I am,  but right now…this very moment,  I cannot push myself any further, I am not suffering writers block, I have merely reached a dead end,  where I feel I can’t keep up.

As per my Blog Etiquette post, blogging is about keeping up – following – commenting – posting, like any relationship it requires work.  I have made so many friends, been so very fortunate to have the followers that I do and have always received supportive and encouraging comments, which I am immensely grateful for.

I do feel guilty that I will not be doing this over the next 5 or so days, but hopefully soon, things will return to some sort of normality. I will still be reading what I can – just not able to write or give you the feed-back you deserve.

Until I return,

I wish you all joy in your writing and hope to see you all soon.

Yours most Sincerely,



16 thoughts on “Rambly is taking a small break

  1. Goodness me, no need to ask for forgiveness or feel guilty about taking a break 🙂 There is life to be lived, rests needed to be taken.
    We all need to rejuvenate ourselves from time to time . You go put your feet up for a while, with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and just do whatever you feel like doing! I’m sure your muse will appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Jen- I get it. I haven’t been posting much lately. I want to write from my heart and have it be of some sort of quality so I can’t just type letters for the sake of typing letters. I’ll miss your wit, your prose and your honesty. I hope you get the rest you need during your hiatus. I’m raising my glass in virtual space to you right now. Cheers my friend.

  3. *gentle smile*

    Now we can work on that book! omg…I am giving it away! lol.

    Actually … breaks are needed now and again. I agree with all the others…relax for now….and know whilst we will miss you and your writings, we know that this is for your own sanity as well. It is good that you said something too…thank you for that (or we would have worried!)

    Of course, I still reserve the right to bug you via email *smiles*

  4. I hope that your break refreshes you. Self care is all too important, so don’t worry about us. I will be patiently awaiting your posts when you are ready to write again. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, but as a relative newcomer to the genre I know ~exactly~ what you mean and feel you’re probably doing the exactly right thing for you. I’ll be glad to read more of your stuff when you come back around.

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