Possibly wonky photo placement of our little vacation

4 days away from the computer – our little vacation.
How did we spend our 4 days away?  Our destination unbeknown to me was Warrnambool.

Just under a 4 hour drive from where we live.  Mr. S bless his cotton socks had arranged this vacation. Instead of booking straight into the Motel, we drove towards the beach for me to smile very widely (after waking up from my sleep that is) and gasped at the sign – Horseriding – down the beach. Now Mr. S has only ridden once before and knows how much I love riding and hadn’t been for a while…so *hugs & kudos* to my man for arranging this added surprise for me.

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angle photo. Don't we look stunning in our helmets...

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angled photo. Don’t we look stunning in our helmets?? Mr. S does not like photos of himself – hence the forced smile! Oh and it was cold!

We visited a replication of an old town that existed in the 1800’s. This area was also where the ship the Loch Ard sadly ended it’s voyage from England in 1878  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~prace/beach/locha.htm

Replica of a school room in the early 1800's.

Replica of a school room in the early 1800’s.

Teachers Rules

Teachers Rules

Newspaper clippings in the 'Pub'...

Newspaper clippings in the ‘Pub’…

Old books in a library

Old books in the Library

The clothes....

The clothes….

The bedroom

The bedroom





An original grave - yes I love walking around cemeteries.

An original grave – yes I love walking around cemeteries.

We stopped to admire the views

2013-04-27 12.55.09

On the way to Port Fairy

Portland The Blowhole
Portland The Blowhole- Site of many Shipwrecks
2013-04-26 11.35.46

Yes – I have only played golf 3 times, hence the way I am holding the club…

and as Mr. S was kind enough to go horse riding with me I did the following –






and what did I buy on the way home for winter comfort? None other than the iconic Australian Ugg slipper.

2013-04-28 16.36.00

12 thoughts on “Possibly wonky photo placement of our little vacation

  1. Love love this!! Got yourself a good man! Great pics. Glad you shared and happy to hear if your fantastic trip

  2. Hello lovely, welcome back. Wonderful photos. Looks like it was blissful and relaxing. Thank you Mr S for making our mumsy so happy. Love the pic of the two of you on the horses.

    • Hello sweet thing, it was relaxing and required. I passed on your comment & he chuckled. Yes I wish the horse ride was a little more ‘involved’ most of the time we walked and had 2 x 30 second canters. I wanted so much more, especially along the beach 🙂 Good to be back xx

  3. Wow!! Thanks for sharing your little adventure! I love the picture of you on the horse! Also, I was absolutely mortified and laughing at the “Teacher’s Rules of 1872”!!! Can you believe that stuff?!! The men can take one day off for courting but the women can’t even think about getting engaged. Also telling them what to do with their money and how to whittle their pencils…it’s hysterical and crazy all in one!!

  4. Thank you Nelson. Yes, it was very much needed and surprises are the best, whether it’s a weekend or a longer trip, it makes us all appreciate who we have in our lives. Slippers are DEVINE wearing them now as it is freezing! Mr. S…hmmm yes a smart man 😉 Thank you so much for reading.

    • Hi darling. Bunkers, water and missing balls are a sure fire way of ruining a game lol
      Ermm honey the lower the score is the better though, but that’s between you and me 😉 xxx

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