Rambly is home

On the 23/4/2013 I wrote a post that I was having/needing a break from the blog world.
I felt as if I was in a maelstrom with my reading, commenting and writing over the past month. Combined with the worry of being out of work, losing the friendship of a close girlfriend and then commencing the part time job, I felt I was circling the drain, not being able to hold onto the sides and saw my self about to slither down the plug hole.

I have returned from my interlude feeling more optimistic than what I was last week. I realised in my self-imposed need to be the perfect follower and blogger by reading, commenting and writing as much as possible,  that in fact I was putting undue pressure on myself.


My slightly addictive personality got the better of me, I was becoming all encompassed and consumed by my writing. However in saying that,  I am my own worst enemy and I continued, when all that was required was to take a step or two back, take a breath, centre myself and re-evaluate.

I needed to be pulled in another direction for a little while. Life does get like that occasionally, I am sure you have all experienced it in one form or another, where you feel events are getting on top of you and there comes a time/need to refocus.

The ‘obsession’ may very well take hold of me once again as the days pass and I shall possibly fall back into the sink staring once more at the plug hole, but this time I shall be holding onto the edges!  I felt I had to write for every challenge site with a photo or word prompt, every Haiku prompt every flash fiction and though I enjoyed them immensely, I think I was asking too much of myself.

This however may change a little as a couple of you made comment, I had to remember why I started this blog journey, it was my love of writing, my thirst to explore different avenues in what and how I wrote, my unstoppable quest, I did not believe for one moment that it would cause any anxiety and that all that was required was for me to once in a while ‘chill’.

I must THANK EVERYONE who was kind enough to leave a message on my post, wishing me well with my hiatus. I was quite taken back with the response from everyone. You care and I am so grateful that you do and I appreciate each and every one of you for showing concern.

All of you have been so generous with your support and I will continue to support you as much as I can, for as I have previously mentioned, if we do not support each other, then why are we doing this?

I laughed at my stats – (oh yes we all check them from time to time) and, as I wrote on my last post they did plummet to 13 views a day, which was to be expected. You don’t write, no one will read. You don’t comment on other posts, yours won’t be commented on either.

Blogging is a two way street,  do we continue to write posts day after day, week after week because we do not wish to have any feed-back, critique or kind words spoken? No, my friends I think not,  this is a community that we all share and how nice is it be acknowledged? For someone to tell you how much they loved what you wrote, or how they made you laugh, or cried, were helped or inspired in some way by what you have written. This is why we blog – this is why we place our otherwise private thoughts our lives into a public domain (otherwise we may as well keep a secret journal and be done with it).

I am honoured and I appreciate all of you.

I missed my blogging community, I missed my ‘virtual’ friends.


29 thoughts on “Rambly is home

  1. You went on a holiday and we get the souvenir, I mean holiday pic – yay :). Glad you’re back with your new perspective. Blogging has to be fun otherwise it’s just another obligation. Looking forward to making more mutual mischief with you.

    • Thank you Jude, yes the pics are being downloaded now – not much of a souvenir though! 🙂 I am looking forward to more mutual mischief. Yes a few days away was all that was required for a new perspective 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re back and had some time to relax!!! I have so much to do myself on the homefront so I won’t be around as much either….vacation to plan, birthday parties to plan for the little ones, just got done with a yard sale and cleaning out the house…it all gets so overwhelming!

    • Don’t you just hate it when LIFE gets in the way 🙂 How nice would it be (though I was able to for a month) just to sit and write..now back working for a while, I miss it in some way, but I also know that I have limitations that I must adhere too. You are always so busy sweet and I understand why! Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂 xx

    • Oh Nelson, you made me blush, jealous of my never ending creativity? I think my imagination carries me away, but between you and me – don’t be jealous – I’m just a rambling mum, nothing more, nothing less. It was such a lovely comment to make, so for that I thank you. 🙂

  3. Hey Mumsy! I am so behind on post, waaay behind actually! Lol
    Glad your back and I too have that obsessive personality. Real life we all have to live, but blogging is a part of that. Your either a blogger or your not….and you mumsy are a blogger. That’s why your blog family love you! Hugs. Xxxxxxxoooooo

  4. I am looking at the date, we have emailed….exchanged a blog post comment or two since you got back…and YET I have not sent a response to this one. Bad Katie…bad bad….just for that I promise not to accept a Mumsy vacation gift larger than Amber’s Mumsy vacation gift. *grins*

    And …

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