Warrnambool Pub – Anzac Day 25.4.2013

Three old diggers were they heroes or not
I cannot say
Anzac Day in Australia twenty fifth of April just passed
Did they fight in the trenches defending our country or perhaps were they flag bearers for their Unit
Looking closer
They wore medals on smartly pressed suit jackets, hair washed and neatly combed
Celebrated with a Dawn Service
Heads bowed in prayer laid flowered wreaths against stone monuments
Thought of the ones they left behind who did not return home as they did
Thought of those lives they knew and were lost so young

I stood in the bar on my recent vacation and watched these three distinguished old gentlemen
As they sipped their beer
Reminiscing and possibly shed a tear of sadness for the terror that they saw
Or hopefully a laugh with a fellow comrade of a happier moment they recalled
I opened my purse
Telling the bar tender, three beers for the ‘lads’ please and he smiled
He poured three beers and said these are from the young lady and pointed to me
They looked up
One by one they came through the door from the opposite lounge and walked towards me

Thank you they politely said
Thank you
No one has done that for us before
I looked into their tired watery eyes
I looked down at the medals they proudly had pinned
I said you are most welcome
Happy Anzac Day boys and
Thank You

8 thoughts on “Warrnambool Pub – Anzac Day 25.4.2013

  1. This is fantastic. More people should thank our veterans. My Dad was a WWII vet and I’m sure he seldom if ever received a thank you in any form. i was getting haircut a couple of weeks ago and a serving member or our armed forces came in at the same time. I thanked him for his service and he replied with a firm handshake and a humble “thank you”. I sort of felt like it made both of our day better.

    • I know exactly what you are saying Nelson. I walked away after our little encounter feeling so good inside, a little something that showed them that I appreciated what they did for us. It is a sad state of affairs if we cannot put aside a few minutes to thank those that fought/fight for us and our freedom. Thank you for the comment.

    • Thank you honey, I felt so good inside after I had shared a few moments with them, one doesn’t get that pride in oneself when doing something very often…but I had it then. xxx

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