WordPress Family Award plus 28 nominees (I forgot the rules)




If you poo-poo Awards that’s fine by me. Each to his/her own..live and let live etc.  Feel free to delete this email, I shall not be hurt or angered (possibly because I shall be none the wiser if you do).


The WordPress Family Award is reserved for folks in Cyberspace who are  unceasingly kind, sympathetic, encouraging, and open to laughter – and who keep each other going by sharing, commenting, and making personal connections even though they may actually be virtual strangers.

I was nominated by the lovely Eunice from Living and Loving – Details here  http://nutsfortreasure.wordpress.com/2013/04/28/i-have-a-few-awards-to-accept-lets-start-with-last-one-first-thanks-so-much/#respond

As you know I have only accepted Awards (partially) in the past, but this is a ‘family’ Award and as there aren;t too many rules and regulations I have accepted it fully from Eunice.


  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10  (or more) others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
  • Let your 10 (or more) Family members know you have awarded them.

Yes you may notice that I added in the *the more* because there shouldn’t be hard and fast rules on handing out Awards. In my world one person is no greater than the other, so I went a little overboard, but truly who gives a ‘rat’s razoo’ if there is 10 or 100.  Why is it written that only 10 people deserve to be nominated?  What if there are 200 that have made an impact on your life since blogging? The people whom I have nominated have treated me with nothing but kindness and have supported me through my down, up, whacky, teary and crazy days of blogging since I began and in my humble opinion they are my WordPress Family. So if your name isn’t on this list it doesn’t mean I think any less of you, I appreciate all who follow and take an interest in what I have to say, it just means I have forgotten to add you and for that I apologise.

Some on the list are new, but in a little amount of time they have also shown me that they care and support me so I felt it only right to give them a ‘shout-out’ so that you may pop along and read them if you aren’t already doing so.  For the 28 I have listed the Award is yours to pick up and run with if you are willing to do so, I have enjoyed reading your posts, I am glad that I follow you and will continue to do so.



Another Wandering Soul


Irish Katie

Wonderland By Tatu


Meditating Mummy’s Blog

Dianne Gray Author


Knocked Over By A Feather

Land Of Quo


Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates And Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey

Motherhood Is An Art

In The Net! – Stories Of Life And Narcissistic Survival

I’ve Got A Story

Gabriela Blandy – The Sense Of A Journey

Kyred’s Blog

Raising The Curtain



Susan Daniels Poetry

Rambles By Desertrose.


A Prayer Like Gravity

Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Cabin Fever

The End


25 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award plus 28 nominees (I forgot the rules)

  1. Pingback: ♥♥♥♥♥ | rarasaur

  2. Thank you! You are my family here as well, though I realize now I forgot to put you on my post. 😦 I am sorry I hope you forgive me. xxxx

  3. Thank you so much for the honour. It’s nice to see my WordPress friend Lynnette d’Arty-Cross in your group as well. I’m one of those people reluctant to accept awards but the fact that you think of me as part of your WordPress Family is humbling. Thank you.

    • You are most welcome Nelson, yes I noticed Lyn last night on your posts. We obviously know wonderful people 😉 Credit where credit due I say,I have only followed you for a short while, but I do enjoy very much what you write.

    • Thank you Chookas and you are most welcome too. That’s the nice things about giving out Awards (whether you believe in accepting or not) is the warm and fuzzies you get from giving them 🙂 xx

  4. *smiles* … family things are nice.

    Sometimes it is sort of scary doing awards. Did I forget someone? Will they feel bad about it?

    But … all understand I think. When you blog for a bit and get followers, you will at times forget to add this person or that. The important thing is … we all know we entwine in one anothers lives …and that is a good smiley part of all of this.

    Oh wait…I wanted to say first…yahhh for you….and thank you….but I started to ramble on *grins*

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