Growing Old


Stop the clock from clicking time
for as long as can be granted
times still need celebrating
and lives are wished to live
without thinking of the imminent
for they have so much more to give


let them feel the freedom in their legs
so they may walk as in their prime
without the need of 4 wheeled ‘helpers’
on which they now rely


let them bend and lift and stand
and make them strong and able
let them swirl upon the dance floor
in each others arms once more


let them pass the day without
the aches and pain
a time table of tablets taken
to ease their suffering

please I plead

let them simply be
as they were when they were young
before the troubles of their age
let them have the days ahead
without feeling so afraid

For my parents – my readers forgive my posts the last couple of days. I need to write at the moment to expel my feelings of pain and frustration out. I thank you for your patience and understanding. Hopefully my father (Pop) will recover from what he is experiencing right now and I shall be in a better frame of mind and my writing will be of lighter content.

18 thoughts on “Growing Old

    • Charlotte – thank you for reading. Yes painful events in our lives can bring out more emotion than we think we possibly have. I write from the heart and the gut and I am glad that you have picked up on how I felt when I wrote this. Thank you so very much. x

  1. I was going to suggest a poem. So will now… one for Dad… Times he made you smile through the years.

    swirl upon the dance floor
    in each others arms once more

    🙂 I loved that.

  2. This is beautiful. We are used to seeing our parents as wise and strong and it is so difficult when their bodies and minds start deteriorating. I am right there with you…feeling your pain.

    • Thank you Bec, I didn’t think I would ever see them this way ..that they would be their fighting fit selves for so much longer, sadly it is not the case. I appreciate your comfort. xx

  3. Oh my dear MM….I feel for you…Your poem is beautiful, I am just too sad that it comes from real life events….I hope everything works out for your dad…I have been away…I apologize for not writing earlier (lack of internet)…I will pray for you! lots & lots of love and hugs xxx

    • Hello my darling T. No need to apologise, I am going through a rough time, yes, but all I can do is to help ease their pain, their frustration. Thank you for your prayers and your thoughtfulness. Love you too xxxx

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