My day and update on Pop

2 hours of reading and commenting on posts. Time 8.44pm Tuesday night *yawn* tis hard work.
I just wanted to let you know about my day a little and that I am feeling slightly more optomistic about Pop.

The NEPT (non emergency patient transport) picked him up this morning – praise all that is good! They put him on a stretcher, Β as apparently if you want the wheelchair transport (you have to supply your own wheelchair) well we don’t have one, so poor dad was laid out and carted away to the ‘facility’ (sounds ominous I know, but it’s a Health Unit which houses elderly and also has specialists and Physiotherapists working there to help the elderly.

His appointment was to last 45 minutes then the NEPT would pick him up after being called by said ‘Facility’ to come and get him, so he finished at 10am and waited like a stale doughnut to be collected at 11.45.

I spoke to him tonight and my first question was.
“So darling what did they tell you”.
“Well you were right they said I have to move more”.
“Hmm that does sound familiar, so Nurse Ginger was correct in telling you to walk to the front door and back as much as you can with your walker”?
“Yes Nurse you were right”.
“I did tell you that if you aren’t moving then your muscles will atrophy and make them like jelly didn’t I”?
“Yes darling you did”.
“And because you aren’t doing that that is why you are struggling so with walking and getting in and out of a chair”.
“Yes, that’s what they told me and I start Physio next week once a week for 10 weeks”.
“Then that is settled, and you will walk tomorrow won’t you Pop and you will do as much as you can, remembering if your body is aching it’s because it isn’t use to the exertion, and if you don’t, you won’t get better and you won’t feel like life is worth living, when in fact it is and I want you around for sooo much longer yet”.
“I shall start tomorrow, Ginger, I will”.
“Good and how is your back”?
“It is feeling better today, probably because you told me to move it more”.
“I think so”, said I smiling over the phone.

So I may be images-9
but this is keeping him motivated.

His trip home was on a stretcher into the ambulance but this time assisted by two young lady paramedics (which I think he enjoyed)

Well done Pop – I am so proud of you. I feel a little more comforted knowing that he will try to keep moving and gain strength.


I want to thank everyone for their wonderful and kind support through this time.

27 thoughts on “My day and update on Pop

  1. I wish I could encourage my mother as well but – yeah, not so much. And I can’t get my father to stop doing so much – yes, in your seventies, it might not be the best idea to shovel the entire driveway in below zero temps, Dad. Glad the Nurse Ratchet treatment is working with your Dad. πŸ˜€

    • Hi Alice!! It is so difficult to ‘train’ them as Amber says, mum is now wearing her stubborn shoes, Pop just wants to wear any πŸ™‚ Thanks for popping over and your kindness x

  2. I can’t believe that they made him sit around for almost 2 hours! That is not right! On the plus side I’m glad that he is going to start listening to his Nurse Ginger and that things only get better for him!

  3. he is so lucky to have you! I love the relationship you have with him. Precious! Don’t take it for granted (trust me, my relationship with my father was ruined after working with him for 8 years). I am glad you see some light at the end of the tunnel xxx lots of hugs and kisses to you nurse Ginger πŸ˜‰

    • Oh Nurse Mumsy/Ginger will …never fear lovely, he will be phoned everyday and reminded to walk, as I can’t get round there too much during the week and on the weekends I shall walk with him to make sure..few nice trips to the front door and back! Yes my sweet I am very proud of my da and I thank you for your kind words about me *Hugs* :-)x

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