A whimsical look at the Stat Bar

oh my dear

stress stress and finger nail biting
what ever shall I do?

my stats have fallen…….

plummeted in fact

should I be sad and feeling blue?

one day the graph had peaked so high

the last few days

it’s hit the floor

what shall I do, what can I do

views and visitors

do I want more?

so I haven’t blogged a lot of late

I haven’t been………. prolific
BUT 247 to now 13

well it’s enough to make me vomit

get angry but don’t shy away

or have me say tut-tut

never mind if I have naught to say
come back  – you there  – come back?!

I plead to raise that big blue bar
you know you want to see me smile

or would you rather

hear me whinge …..roll my eyes and sigh?

has it really got this bad I ask?
or must I write 10 posts a day or more?

Is that what you require of me

to see those blue sticks soar?

So give me to the weekend

I promise I shall write

but for now I’ve been at work all day

and it’s time to say good night

22 thoughts on “A whimsical look at the Stat Bar

  1. Haha! Stay away from the blue bar!! Run, its fake!!! LMAO. No way, Mumsy. People just get busy. Us your blog family/ community will always be here! If not today, but tomorrow! Loves you to the moon. :). Hugs Paula xxx

  2. Delightful poem. I’m just now paying attention to stats. There are like popularity poles in that one has no idea of the real people who are in there. Strange electronic world, that.

  3. Same happened to me – Posting 2 a day I got regular 200/250 hits. Now it’s 15/20. But I came here today after a long absence, itself after another long absence, and all my friends said hi and it was lovely – I haven’t even glanced at the stats. I got hearts baby, bugger the numbers 😀

  4. Don’t you worry about a thing
    Pretty soon things will be back in swing
    Do not lose any sleep
    Your thoughts are way too deep!

    As you can see I am not a poet but I thought I would give it a whirl just for you!!! haha!!!

  5. Hehee…I am so far behind. I suspect my numbers are way down too … but that is okay nod nods. I have now reached a point where I notice it … but then go…okey-dokey … I want chocolate. LOL…

    Ok…on to the next blog post comment. woohoooo

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