Bring out your dead – Fiction Prose


Winter solstice

crisp air stung as darkness fell

lantern lit hung on burial spade

its job to dig

the pit

coffin raw in state bore no brass or copper handles

… rough sawn timber to conceal the dead

family mourned

waited for the driver dressed in black

with his horse to cart their dead away

…he the suffering witness to tears in grief

women on bended knees scream out

her name

– 1848 –

the sickness hit …bodies fell

prevent the germs from spreading

pulse weak hot bread on soles of feet

reaction none ….pronounced dead

burial must be quick

white and drained of colour

lain not on satin but threadbare cloth

they lifted her…. to hearse

gathered to walk the streets

listen to the iron wheels the sounds of hooves

her whispers could not be heard amongst their wails

I did not die I am alive

……she cried beside them


150 words or less of Fiction For Angela Geoff Β and

VisDare 21: Diverge

Thank you again for a wonderful photo prompt this week Angela. Β Forgive the macabre. 113 words.

18 thoughts on “Bring out your dead – Fiction Prose

  1. Where are those coffin bells when you need them? Like the jerkiness of this and you get in so much detail.

    • Thank you so much Sarah, I know, all I needed was them chiming in the background πŸ™‚ It is rather jerky isn’t it, last night after writing, I lay in bed (too tired and cold to get up) and change but it worried me till I fell asleep. I shall let it go for a day then revisit see if I can tighten it up more.

  2. ha, unbelievable… wanted to call my latest poem ‘bring out the dead’ but decided against it… and now i find this! πŸ˜€
    very dark and powerful write… love it.
    sorry for not replying to your email yet – am up for a photo challenge this weekend if you still want to – i am swamped right now! hope all is well… xx

  3. Great minds… in light of worldly events perhaps the title is not very fitting, but I was trying to get the Cholera epidemic and that is what they called out. Thank you for reading & your lovely words. Re email that’s fine – yes definitely photo challenge this weekend! – All is well (hope you’re still buying toothpicks) πŸ˜‰ xx

  4. Sometimes macabre is just what is needed — and this was the photo to do it with! WOW this was beautiful – darkly beautiful, but with such brisk, spare, haunting, lovely lines. You really know how to fit a world of emotion and power into a handful of words. Well done!

    • Angela such a compliment I am honoured – thank you. I think your photos are the most captivating, many others I struggle with in prompts, but yours..I do not think there has been one that my muse and I haven’t challenged πŸ™‚ Appreciate your kindness.

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