Sunday in Olinda Melbourne

This afternoon we went for lunch with Pop and mum, some of the family and 20 of their friends.

The restaurant is called the Cuckoo – it is in Olinda.

This German establishment has been in business since 1958, my parents and ‘us kids’ have been there SO many times over the years I have lost count. It is nestled amongst the beauty and nature of Olinda which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live.

A smorgasbord (buffet) with delights as fresh prawns, seafood salads, cheeses, oysters, pates, breads, salads  and soup – that is your choice for entree.

For mains it’s a variety of about 15 different salads, hot meats – ham, chicken, beef, pork. Then you have your snitzels, potatoes, crumbed seafood, chops, continental sausages, pork ribs, cabbage rolls, chips, sauces, gravies, goulash, sauerkraut…in fact the menu is so extensive I cannot list all that is on offer. Open fire places compliment the ambience and also a floor show with a guy who involves the crowd (he is the one holding the microphone when he gets the woman to sing in the clip).

The band I think are pretty much the original band, this place holds true to the ‘If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it rule’.

The occasion was a thank you from my parents to their friends who have supported and helped them of late, as they don’t entertain anymore with lavish dinners or parties,  this is how they repay the kindness of others.

It wasn’t without incident however, because it was very chilly outside, everyone rugged up and though cosy with the open fires and the heating on, the temperature soared more than expected for one of dad’s friends (also in his 80’s).

George was dressed in a jacket, a jumper and a long sleeve T shirt. He got too hot – he passed out. He recovered but the Ambulance was called ‘just in case’ to give him the once over. Not what the other patrons would have expected to see 3 paramedics coming into a restaurant on a Sunday afternoon I am sure. Thankfully George was ok and he sat quietly with his wife until their son came to take them back home.

My Pop LOVES his food, due to his lack of mobility I sat next to him and was up to forage for his first plate of entree, then up for his first plate of mains (hot meat) he is somewhat of a carnivore my pop. Then up for the 2nd plate of hot meats etc, which he couldn’t get half way through by the way. Yes his eyes are bigger than his belly 🙂

I cut his meat, I poured him a glass of beer, I tucked the napkin across his chest so that if he spilt his food it wouldn’t land on his clean shirt for mum to cast the evil eye telling me I should have tucked the napkin around his collar.

He wanted to stretch his legs after he had eaten, so I held his arm, whilst he stood with his cane. This Restaurant is extremely ‘busy’,  the total areas fit 450 people. I think pop was frightened a little by the commotion around him  which had never previously worried him and he stood transfixed once again, as though his brain couldn’t tell his legs to move. I prompted and encouraged and what would have been a 3 minute meander around the tables took us 20 minutes, ducking and weaving children, waiters and patrons, all the while dad apologising for holding people up.

I got him back and settled once more and at 2.30 all the guests were starting to make their way home. They came up to pop and mum and thanked them for treating them to the afternoon. I sat holding pop’s hand. One woman came up and gave me a hug and said “You are doing a marvellous job, you know that don’t you, we can see how much you love him”.  Yes there were tears, as she finished saying to pop “We want you around for a very long time, you are such a good man and you are so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter”. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tried to smile my goodbyes to her through my soggy eyelashes before helping pop into the car.

I was sad, I will have sad moments, but I know deep down that I am giving it my ‘all’ to make him as comfortable as I possibly can – and that is what being a daughter is all about.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.


25 thoughts on “Sunday in Olinda Melbourne

  1. Hello my sweetheart, thank you, it is good to be back, albeit ever so slowly. I have missed you.
    What a perfectly lovely gesture from your parents to all their friends. In spite of Pop’s challenges and his friend’s slight health mishap, your parents also gave you some very dear memories to carry with you. Those touching words from that friend may have made you a little sad but they are so true, you are there, always there, for them, in happy times and sad. That is your journey as a daughter. They too, just like you, are blessed to have these times you share together. One day at a time, one hour, one minute.

    • Cuddles for you – I have missed you and of course your lovely comments. This is my journey, though the road somewhat rocky – I’m in it for the long haul for however long they need me. I shall keep that last line in my head and I thank you for being so very sweet and understanding. {{hugs}} xxxx

  2. Hey Mumsy! Oh I wanted to dance and cry at the same time. The music would have me boppin in a second, actually I was reading the post. Then I felt sad for your pop and you…*Ack* I was everywhere on this post. 🙂 The food looks amazing. Hugs to you and how beautiful you are…Paula xxxx

  3. You did not write this for a pat on the back is what you told the first commenter. PFttttt….I will give you a pat on the back, a hug, and tell you, like others have told you … you are a GRAND daughter. We all KNOW your pop and mum are proud of you … now, YOU be proud of you too *hugggss*

    I like the part where your dad got some food…then went to get more…even if his eyes were too big for his tummy *smiles*. I liked that part indeed.

    A bit on the restaurant/music. Oh my it is not just a German establishment is it? I can see why tis popular. A German restaurant, with someone waving an American flag whilst these lovely Aussie’s sing a Spanish song. Old, young, and people all between. *smiles*

    This memory too you will hold … and that is a good thing Mumsy

    • I read and say ‘yes mum’ I am proud I just wanted to let people know that I am not writing these posts to gloat about what I do as a daughter, but to help me get through it all. His eyes are indeed to big for his belly – he has been like this since the war days when rations were scare and he lived in the forest whilst escaping on a raw potato in a can of cold water. He never throws food away and devours everything on his plate (use to) now he has slowed down a little. Yes this video was not mine but the Restaurants, they do cover all nationalities that go there. In the floor show the younger guy asks people where they are from, he then sings a song from their country…I don’t know how he can remember so many. Yes I shall hold this memory and I thank you and give you a hug xx

  4. Your parents are extremely generous and no doubt wonderful people if they had that many people to come out and spend the afternoon with them. It’s no wonder how you turned out to be such a loving, caring lady!

  5. Thanks for this great post – mainly the uplifting, supportive, loving family side of things, but also for the heads up on The Cuckoo. It’s just been added to our list of things to do when we visit Melbourne later in the year.

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