Let me escape the dark within myself – Fiction

Pic – courtesy Β Jeffrey Smith

tell me are your dreams
darkness disturbing
restless whisperings
invading your head
bellowing clouds
fighting in the storm
that will not let
you rest

do you want to scream

are you lost like ships at sea
embattled for war
against thoughts that
toss and turn
and those that tear
away at you
voices entombed like
castle walls
your world

can no one hear you

have you walked those steps
seeking help
but silently
believing the door will
never open
no one will ever answer
or show you the way

does no one care

do you wish for the beacon
to guide your journey back
to finding yourself
out of the dark
out of the grey
to trust
to feel
to live
to love


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45 thoughts on “Let me escape the dark within myself – Fiction

    • Thank you Beth – I was not thinking of what I am going through with my parents when I wrote, but I re-read and yes some of it is fitting to my current situation. Thank you for your lovely comment. x

  1. This appears to come not just from the inspiration of a picture … but from within…and I hope there is peace and calmness to be found soon.

    But the picture – I look at it…and this may sound blasphemous to some … but it looks to be a statement on the nature of the Christianity. As the lone figure stands in the high tower … the tower with the crosses. Is he lord of the wreckage that surrounds? Or a captive, surveying life around him? Or both? Tis my interpretation of the photo.

    • It amazes how in depth you are and what I write and others for that matter brings out your SoC, you are right to some extent about being from within a little. I really think you should try entering these – it does not have to be verse …give it a try I would like to see your interpretation in words πŸ™‚ xxx

      • πŸ™‚

        We will be in the 70’s today 2 days ago there was snow not here thankfully but close very close lol this weekend in the 90’s man New England at it’s finest!

        Must paint today!

      • HOUSE. She has been my easel for 2 years now I have to work around injuries and weather lol We had a week of heavy rains so yesterday I sat in the sun, planted new items in the yard and rested up for today. No weigh-in for me today I shall go up and down a ladder and ready my homes outside for my sons arrival πŸ™‚
        Rain coming tonight and for 2 days I think then raging heat when I will turn AC’s on and clean out kitchen drawers πŸ™‚

        Have an awesome day!

      • I like the way you say she has been my easel. How excited you must be – even to see you write ‘my son’s arrival’ I bet that gives you goose bumps πŸ™‚ We will have rain and 6 deg C mornings…I hate it.. you have fun cleaning out your drawers πŸ˜‰ xx

      • Thanks!

        It does I have to Pinch MYSELF lol

        brrr I feel your pain I HATE WINTER
        Stay warm and dry!


    • Anne Thank you – Believe it or not that was my favourite word in the piece. Those that are surrounded by dark can be helped if they could only ….speak. Appreciate you reading.

  2. I’m a mess mumsy! I just reblogged something Penny wrote and I broke down. Now I read this and have fallen again…Not good ah! I think Its all just a little real to me. The words feel like someone has entered your mind and spoken for you. Weird, right? Hugs Paula xxxxx

  3. Jen, what a powerful piece. the last stanza is extravagant – love how you wrapped this one up…

    to trust
    to feel
    to live
    to love


    … perfect. xx
    thanks for the hint – i will make sure to not miss any future prompts πŸ™‚

  4. The build up to the final word ‘speak’ was perfect! I loved the little interruptions of the eerie phrases in italics. Great structuring. Thanks for contributing this week. A standout poem!

    – Ermisenda

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