The Scooter Club – get down and jiggy with it

6:00am the sun has only just risen in the morning sky.

They are awake. Sleeping is non existant past 7am when you’re in their age bracket. 6 …hours if they are lucky, then it’s up and at ’em to start their day (no wonder they need a nanna nap in the afternoon).

Breakfast consumed, toast with marmalade or bacon and eggs, washed down with coffee for him and tea for her, they hit the showers – well they try not to actually hit them, they have the hand rails to prevent that. Lather bodies best they can and trying to remember to dry between the toes (yes I know it’s hard to bend down that far).

Both of them assisting one another to get dressed, especially with the socks – why are their feet so low to the ground now? It’s a process, but they have grown use to it, just point your toes they laugh and yell . Tottering off to the wardrobe they grab their vinyls (leathers come later when they have earned their colours).

Into the garage where their ‘chariots’ await, batteries charged, their vehicles covered in plastic to stop any creepy crawlies from settling in over night (mum hates spiders).

Jackets, pants and their orthopaedic runners, pop casts his walker aside, hooks his cane onto the back,  swivels the seat to the scooter and sits. Mum penguins her way to hers, carrying of course her handbag with the necessary requirements of her purse, tissues, powder case and lipstick (just in case).

“Is the iron switched off”?

“I didn’t iron this morning”

Is the heater switched off”?

“We didn’t have it on this morning”.

“Do we have a doctors appointment today”?

“It’s Sunday no mother we don’t”.

They grab their helmets – pink for her and blue for him – they smile, Pop winks in mums direction and she still blushes.

They turn the keys as they set for the wide open spaces, holding onto the handle, they turn the dial from turtle to hare. Down the pavement they ride, pop in the lead, mum following with her orange safety flag (the one she swore she wouldn’t get because people would think she was old) blows majestically behind her in the breeze.

The pensioner scooter club.  Otherwise known as ‘The  Old Farts’. Pop turns on his mini tape recorder which blares out “Born to be Wild” (not even knowing who The Doors were).

Up to the intersection, pop manoeuvres his scooter to hit the button on the pedestrian lights and waits for mum to catch up. The lights change, the clicking noise is heard (it’s safe to cross) and both of them wave to the cars that have stopped (look at us they think…just look at us…your turn will come..mark our words) with drivers looking on impatiently for the ‘old biddies’ to eventually cross.

On they forge up hills, round corners, pop checking behind every few minutes to make sure mum is still following.

This is there sunday outing, when they meet at the ‘Gate to the Forest Cafe’ in the hills. No huffing and puffing, no staggering or trying to balance whilst they walk, they are free to sit and look at the houses, their surroundings, feel the sunshine on their faces, have the wind in their hair (though mum had just washed and put her curlers in hers before she left and is now pulling her grumpy face).

They reach the Cafe and pull in along side their friends scooters and alight (albeit gingerly). Dad unhooks his cane and  reaches out for mums hand as they walk in together.

Greeted by their friends who welcome them with “Good morning time for scones and tea”?

They smile, life is good with the scooters.



2013-04-19 10.30.36



I thought I would take a whimsical approach to the Scooter situation and my parents. Above is a pic of mum being on a scooter for the very first time in a local shopping centre. She loved it (but yes her stubborn shoes are on again) so I am trying hard to convince her that she will enjoy it.   She does look happy though doesn’t she?  The above is how I hope their lives can be. I have my fingers crossed!  🙂


32 thoughts on “The Scooter Club – get down and jiggy with it

  1. That is wonderful news!! 🙂 My fingers are crossed also, but I think they will enjoy it. My grandfather protested so much when he was still alive about the scooter…then poof!! He couldn’t wait to get in it everyday and go out. Rain or shine…living in New Zealand on a farm his whole life created a very independent stubborn man. Lol To him that was his car….hugs Mumsy xxxxx

  2. What exactly is your mums issue with the scooter ? (You don’t have to answer) I’m just thinking that perhaps if you can get to the absolute bottom of that, then you may be able to better understand how to help her? It seems like such a shame for her to deny herself that added independence by being able to get out and about.

    • Tracey, I think it’s the roads, she only drove a car for a year many…many years ago when us kids were small. I told her if she could navigate her way through the crowded shopping centres, she would be fine at a pedestrian light or crossing a road. I need to keep convincing her of that. 🙂

  3. Could it be the symbol of it….? Like for me….silly me, I always say “I will never cut my hair short!” because to me that means I’m “old” …and “I will never own a tartan pull along shopping trolley, or wear cardigans and polyester slacks!” (But I bet I’ll end up doing ALL those things, lol!)

    • It is partially the symbol. She states she can still walk and therefore has no use for one. A safety flag – tells everyone you are useless and old (in her mind).
      I loved at your next lines – I had hair your length – now look at me (only because it’s so much easier to maintain) but for so long I resisited the shorter is older theory!. I am not in poly slacks or cardies or elasticized pants or the tartan shopping jeeps yet…but who knows what lies around the corner 😉 x

  4. It’s funny. Here in Florida we see two things puttering down our sidewalks…scooters and golf carts. In grocery stores, they have complimentary shopping scooters with big front baskets. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am when I see teenagers joyriding in them around the store when there are seniors who need them…or worse, those who are a little overweight that just don’t want to put in the effort to walk (and they’re perfectly capable).

    • Hello again 🙂 that is disgusting – do the shop owners not prevent them from getting on them? Over here the shopping centre ones are well monitored and you have register to use. The keys (to allow them to move) are kept behind a desk also. That is terrible that the elderly are punished for young idiots. As far as the overweight ones – yes – walk my friends – sitting is only ‘compounding’ the problem 😦 x

  5. I.

    OMG….I can totally see your mum and pop doing that. (In fact, that photo of your mum is oooohhhhsssoooo fabulous. Remember when she tells you she is not pretty anymore? Tell her because in her scooter she looks more like a wild woman haha. I love the #8 on it…turn it on it’s side and it’s the infinity symbol …yeah… a math thing. But then she can ride and yell, “To infinity and beyonnnndd”)

    You should show her part of this blog post…print it out for her. It if great!

    • You are such a nutter and I say that most KINDLY – I was smiling then laughing. She did look happy *nods* I shall print out or better yet show them on the weekend 🙂 I can imagine her saying to infinity and beyonnndddd too. Hmmm you and your math thing – never fail to amaze me 🙂 Thanks sweetness xxxxx

    • Thanks hun – I know a little bit of comic relief was required from me I think and this is what I imagine it to be like (though there is no Cafe close) nor do they have friends on scooters – but I can pretend 🙂 x

  6. Hello lovely, do you know I thought of you today as I saw a lady, your mum’s age on a scooter and she looked good, confident too. I love this photo and immediately had a visual of them both together going on an errand. What a precious sight, the feeling around it will get better too. My mum gave up driving a car long years ago, she was very nervous. Thank goodness she can walk or take a cab everywhere now. I am late popping around but guess what? I am officially on Summer holidays today. Er, the children are, the children – have to keep reminding myself 🙂

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