Rant and raves from grumpy rambly

time for a rant & raves – which I swore I wouldn’t really do..so I must be ‘in a mood’ tonight.

  • Political correctness…. I like many other Australians I am sure, are becoming increasingly fed up and irritated with lack of ‘ freedom of speech’ that we once had. Currently there are a couple of uproars in the media about ‘the wrong word/s’ being spoken. One by a 13 year old girl at a football match, who yelled out ‘Ape’ to an Aboriginal football player. She has been accused of racism. Is it just me or is this getting ridiculous?  This is what was said of her from the player – “Racism has a face. It’s a 13-year-old girl.”  This is her reply “I didn’t mean it in a racist way and I’m sorry to the club and the AFL.”  Would I be called racist if I called a caucasian person an ape if I thought he was playing football badly? No I wouldn’t.  Yell it out to an Indigenous person and all hell breaks lose.  Are we all becoming a touch to ‘sensitive’?
  • We over here are slowly but surely being turned into a nation where we cannot think for ourselves, nor are we able to speak our mind for fear of upsetting others, where we are being indoctrinated daily on how in our every day lives to ‘tow’ the line.
  • There was also mention of banning the singing of Christmas Carols in Australian schools as it was not acceptable to other religious beliefs. Children in some schools have been banned from running or doing cartwheels for they may injure themselves…sorry don’t all children injure themselves at some point? Have these playground activities, all of a sudden become extremely dangerous? I heard on the radio last week that they are wanting some sports groups for children to stop scoring as encourages too much competition between the kids….seriously? Friendly competitiveness no longer allowed.
  • We have some medicines that are costing some families $30,000 per year out of pocket whilst we have our Politicians giving themselves hefty pay rises.
  • I am a smoker (though I have cut down tremendously – so please don’t yell at me). The Government is quite happy to pocket the revenue from the sale of tobacco, yet chastises those who smoke. They continually increase the cost of cigarettes, show the most deplorable advertisements to try and dissuade people from smoking, is aware that it causes emphysema, cancer, strokes, blindness (as are those that smoke by the way). They have banned smoking inside Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, you cannot smoke within 4 meters of an entrance to a building or in an area where there is a roof. All of these measures by the way I am in total agreement with. They are now contemplating banning smoking in all outdoor areas, ie maybe we can only have a cigarette in our own homes or perhaps the back yard shed or garage. We all know how bad it is, the decision to give up would be so much easier, if they simply stopped manufacturing the damn things! But no, we know that will not happen because the good old Government is pardon the pun ‘making a killing’ by still letting companies produce them.
  • There are millions given in foreign aid, when we have homeless people in Australia, when we need new Hospitals, new roads and infrastructure. We allow boat people to flood into our country illegally and find employment, when they cannot speak english and have no skills, which in turn takes away jobs for Australians that have been born and raised here, or those that have migrated legally through the proper channels and who can contribute to the country.

I just think we have it all a little screwed up and it’s not going to get any better. I shall finish my ranting and raving before I get started on our legal system or lack there of over here. Australia was known as the “Lucky Country” at this juncture I’m no too sure.

43 thoughts on “Rant and raves from grumpy rambly

  1. Ooooh a rant – love a rant. Right, ahem, getting serious now… I understand all too well what you’re saying. It is tough. I have a friend who is brilliant at what she does but hasn’t been able to find work for two years over here. Her area of expertise is now sent overseas and outsourced because it is cheaper. It is what it is.

    The Ape comment is interesting to me personally because it came from a 13 yr old. Where did she get/hear the reference I wonder. While I am not particularly sensitive to any racial remarks, I’ve had them said to me a few times, you know what happened with my eldest at her school – her teacher was very upset and my daughter who has never really been bothered by the fact that she is a different color, stood up and took notice that she was of course, a different color. She handled it herself and we didn’t really involve ourselves. Perhaps the uproar over this comment was because this girl is so young and made a reference to an animal which can be offensive.
    I love Christmas carols, hmmmm, that’s an interesting one. I am not a Christian but I grew up singing them and playing them on the piano. I still play them at Christmas time.
    Here is where a balance is lost in all things and that is sad – my two cents for what it’s worth 🙂

    • Morning gorgeous, as you know I don’t normally rant about these subjects, but they just ‘got on my goat’ over the last couple of days. See that’s what happens though, re your friend, not being able to find work for 2 years, it shouldn’t just remain ‘it is what it is’. 😦 13 year olds as we know are more like 16 year olds now. I simply do not believe that she said it in the context that the media is portraying. Christmas Carols – I don’t think it will be passed, there would be too many against it and we all know how popular those in Government wish to remain. It’s all just getting a little too stupid over here right now and I just wanted to get these things off my chest. You know I welcome your comments (as always) so your two cents was gladly appreciated 🙂 xx

  2. Wholly agree with you. Unfortunately it is an international phenomenon.

    As a smoker, I feel like an outcast …… do the smokers have no rights?
    i can not call a deaf man deaf …… he is differently-abled – and so on ad infinitum.
    The politics has gone awry with no body talking of conflict of interest when they raise their salaries without consulting their constituents.
    On one hand we seek foreign aid and n the other – we give to maintain regional hegemony.
    Indians migrate to developed country, yet we have large scale migration from neighboring countries.

    🙂 Thanks for giving me a chance to rant.

    • Thanks YS – after posting this, my conscience felt a little uneasy, wondering how my readers would take this. In saying that – I have a right to rant a little just as much as the next person. There are so many ‘rights’ that are being taken away from the individual and as you say politics have gone awry.
      Thank you ranting back- appreciate you reading 🙂

  3. Sounds like the US and Australia aren’t so far apart when it comes to political correctness. So many things people are afraid to say anymore. University professors have talked about how difficult it is to even teach things anymore out of concerns for labels and lawsuits.

    • So true and do sad. Have you read the book Tower of Babel? Its by a u of Texas biology teacher who found himself constantly confronted by creationist students.

    • Tell me about Kitt, one can’t open their mouth or perform an action for fear of litigation. Everything is just a tad topsy turvy and I wonder what this world of ours will be like for my great grandchildren. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • As for me, i am hoping our times are a

        transition from the bogus Brady Bunch days. There have been many styles of correction since then, the social revolution of the 60s to 80s since then and now there the over correction, which is most more stultifying than before because one generation does not want to admit. That there Are lessons from the past

      • You are so right we have had our revolutions in the 60-80’s – but they seemed less intrusive into our personal life-style – there were changes made for growth, not we are stilted, unfortunately there are many decisions that are made by ‘children’, who have not had the experience or the years to gain wisdom. 😦

  4. I read the other day that e-cigarettes may soon be banned because it ‘looks’ like someone is smoking and the kiddies may think it’s cool (I don’t how true this is), but I thought ‘bloody typical’! Either that, or the government will put an outrageous tax on them. Have you tried an e-cigarette? They’re not too bad. I try to have one next to me while I’m writing to stop myself from chain smoking an entire pack away 😯

    • Oh for heavens sakes! How typical and how stupid. It’s similar to them banning those cigarette lollies – ‘Fags’ (do you remember them?) No hun I haven’t used one yet, my g/f uses one, I really should look at purchasing. You sound like I, though now I have cut down to below 5 a day, it is at night time when I sit and write that is my downfall, so perhaps an E may help. Thanks for participating in my rant. 🙂

  5. Dear mum, I so appreciate it when you rant! It appeals to my quest for the authentic. Here in the US especially in West coast urbania (Ive lived for the past 4 years in Portland OR) political correctness is so accepted that it is the ONLY way. There is even an expected way of having a conversation. For example if you want someone to get the fuck out of your way, you must say, “would you be willing to make way for me?” Its worse than Prince Charles! I miss the old days in NewYork City near where i grew up when you’d say, “IM Walking here!” O and weve had the pc “christmas” for quite sometime. Gone are manger scenes in the park. Christmas and easter are now winter and spring SOLSTACE. Actually christmas trees and easter bunnies are pagan, but nevermind the facts. Facts get in the way of correctness. I want to meet the originators of “correct” thinking. Who are these people and why does their boring philosophy get so aggressive? Think i will write my own blog on this next up. My best to you, Mum, and thank you!

    • Mizz ahhh you had me laughing with the conversation, I am gob smacked learning that is what has to be said. The world has gone made and yes you are right about boring philosophies and an apparent ‘correct’ way of thinking. Leave us alone people, we have been doing just nicely for thousands of years, now we can’t do this or that, can’t say this or that, must apologise on bended knee and be offered counselling if we say something that others deem as racist or ‘NQR’.
      I look forward to your blog I am glad I have inspired you. 🙂 Thank you reading Mizz and appreciated your input to my rant. 🙂

  6. Political correctness is stifling, isn’t it? I quite enjoyed your rant. There are days I feel like doing the same so don’t be surprised if you see mine before long.

  7. Wonderful! Enjoyed that very much! I understand what you are saying aout ‘ape’ and cannot agree or disagree…just would need more. I worked in the oil industry in Azerbaijan and colleagues – Muslem – laughed their heads off when I noticed that in Birmingham, UK, the council had ‘banned’ the references to Christmas, using instead ‘Winter Festival’. Actually, to a man, and woman, they all thought it as a ridiculous shame, and enjoyed Christmas celebrations themselves. Mind you, we should be open to all festivities; Diwali, Pagan, and Eid, without banning any. We cannot pretend to be fervently Christian nations – at certain times. That is also absurd.
    Actually I am not sure people are allowed to ‘flood’ in, but it is clear people are fed up with the way immigration works. I must say, however, that I prefer to employ an immigrant here in Finland anytime: much less chance of being an alcoholic or attempt to sue etc etc. And I should have a right to choose who works for me. Immigrants do the jobs man local people won’t. Just true.
    Politicians moralising is always sickening, in any context. Expensive cigarettes help pay for hospital bills though!

    • Hi Pirate thank you for your comments. There isn’t much more to tell, the indigenous football player took offence at what this young girl called out during the game. Google may assist? I understand that all festivities should be open, what I don’t agree on is that, even though we are a multi cultural country, I do not think it is the right of any one particular denomination to try and instil their ceremonies/festivals or beliefs on others. We have temples, mosques built here just as we do churches, if a group wish to celebrate in their way – they should be using the appropriate venue to do so. Trying to stop Australian children from singing Carols in school, seems a tad ludicrous to me.
      Regarding the flooding in – we do have ‘many’ boats that land on our shores illegally. You mention that there is much less chance of being sued or the worker being an alcoholic, if they are an immigrant and also that they do the jobs locals won’t. I can see your side, but I see also see the side where they are paid very little to do the jobs that others won’t, the employer therefore may take advantage? They would not risk turning up drunk for work or contemplate suing an employer because they know that they (like others who have come here legally) would be out of work if they did so. I also do not think it acceptable that we should allow so many in, when we can utilise that money spent (on those who unfortunately have been led to believe that our country will open our arms for them) for our own country and give jobs to our unemployed. Many ‘boat people’ sadly do not try to learn English or in fact look for work, but stay on government handouts/benefits, this is why we are not as accepting. Politicians – oh yes I have to hold back on that one 🙂 Expensive cigarettes – if they paid for the hospital bills I would say ok, but they don’t and even if say, I, were to go to hospital for a smoke related illness or not, trying to get onto a hospital bed prior to 10-24 hour waiting period would in itself be a miracle! Thank you for your input I enjoyed our little tate a tate 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply! ‘Flooding in illegally’ is different from ‘flooding in’ -very!. I agree there. If you have a population in a country that does not speak English, the country must provide English lessons and they must take them.That happens in a number of other countries. But I can tell you that most Afghan refugees who risk their lives to come to Australia, and I know only Afghans, not the other nationalities, do so in order to work very hard. I know that for a fact from personal experience. People with the necessary qualifications are welcomed in to better themselves and their families. People without the requisite qualifications have the similar wish: they also want to do well for their families. The Hazara Afghans (Hazara are a ethnic group that were routinely massacred by the Taliban in Afghanistan) who ran a 24 hr restaurant in Saudi Arabia, and who worked harder than I have seen anyone work, whose families live in refugee camps on the Afghan/Pakistan border cannot be hated for trying to get to Australia and start-up their business there. When I left they were planning to go by boa. I counselled them against it strongly, but my lack of support made them very sad.
        .I will not shed too many tears for the unemployed. For some, it is a real shame, for others..well, we know who they are, and holding Australian passports does not make them any less of a drag on the social system, or give them any more rights to live their lifestyle.
        As a person with my own company, i can assure you that we are not interested in ‘taking advantage’ of employees, and really get tired of such accusations. I employ immigrants because they work harder, are more reliable, do not drink, do not expect entitlements I cannot afford and stay around a long time. They are free to go any time they want but don’t. I should have the right to employ who I want, and am not in business to help get the unemployment level down. I take a lot of risks and spend many hours trying to make a profit of some kind, but notice no governmental help whatsoever, even though I am the one who employs people in the local area, unlike the corporations who bring half their staff in from overseas, and are granted huge tax concessions in order to stay where they are. I think my comment on the ‘ape’ story stands, as I do not yet know the story well, but know there are often two sides to a story! I agree with you generally there, but have a feeling there is more to it. However, my dear feminist friend, i especially agree with you about political correctness and feminism! Heehee!
        I should not write such a long reply on your blog, but I like a good ol’ chat!

      • PS – agree with ludicrous stopping carols in class – though there is a hint of another side there too,if a class has different religious groups. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t, but they might consider which they sing. Sounds dumb, I know,but people are under no obligation to change their religion upon entry. In France Muslems are allowed to pray on the streets together. I find this very controversial indeed, and in the political climate such as it stands, to say so is controversial. One cannot ban it, purely because then clearly one would have to ban open-air Christian activities if they occur. But this is a relatively new phenomenon, and not practiced in all countries with a predominant Muslem population. Therefore one can see it is done to provoke. This is a concern.

  8. USA is no better homeless being booted from public lands, raise for those in government and on and on. 😦

  9. Great post as always. The whole political correctness thing is going way to far. We used to play cowboys and Indians but that is now politically incorrect. Where we live the Indians are now called First Nations People. Somehow a game of Cowboys and First Nations people loses its appeal. Then again, we wouldn’t want anyone to use a twig as a gun would we. We know what message that sends. Give me a break!

    • Thanks Nelson how I laughed at your twig reference… how true and stupid these ‘new-age’ rules are becoming. Thank you I don’t often rant and rave like this – but I thought it time I got a little off my chest 🙂

  10. oh hon you should try leaving in Greece. Here, nobody really cares about being political correct! Although you would find more than plenty to rant about…here, although smoking is banned indoors you are going to a bar/cafe and if you ll ask for an ashtray they will bring you one 😉

  11. They certainly wouldn’t do that over here (pass you an ashtray) outside yes, standing amongst the other outcasts 🙂 I would like a place where political correctness is not mandatory! Then again the economy is not well over there..hmm 2 sides to the scale as usual. 🙂 xx

  12. Oh Pirate you do enjoy a chat and I would like to banter further back & forth, but I think we would end up in circles on some matters, it is nice in this world that we can still debate without getting agitated. There are many issues centered around our indigenous people, which I believe this not the forum to really discuss. Regarding immigrants my father immigrated from Czechoslavakia, he learnt english at school and when he moved here. He was employed and given the opportunity of working and staying in this country, but he earned that right by studying hard, learning the language and showing that he could provide to the new country he lived in. I do not like those that also take ‘advantage’ and lob on my door step thinking that there life will forever now be rosy without them having to do anything for it.
    See you have me started again 🙂 I am stopping – ceasing- ending lol otherwise this will never end.
    Don’t worry about your long reply – good ol’ chats are needed now and then, so I thank you for taking the time to be involved. 🙂

  13. Oh Lordy did you touch on a touchy subject! LMAO 🙂
    Political correctness HAS gone completely retarded. I am so not racist or prejudice but in todays standards maybe some would say I am, crazy right? Hugs to you..Paula xxx

  14. I was remiss when this came out not to respond… may have not known you. I am recently upset about ones who wish to take our holidays away, so am in agreement about Christmas Carols! They need to be sung!
    As far as health concerns go, our government passed a good thing, as far as ones I love are concerned. Where everyone needs to be covered. Some think this is “too socialistic,” others are bigoted and say mean things about Pres. Obama, personally.
    There was so much valuable content in this post, I just needed to send off my hugs for your words. You are an intelligent and well-spoken woman, Jen! I am proud to know you! Hugs and if you see this, glad we are friends!

    • Thank you darling for even reading darling, this was so long ago, so appreciated. Well spoken..possibly ..Intelligent…probably not so much, but I thank you and I am glad we are friends too 💚💛 ☺️

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