This is how he sees her

Sunlight filters through
our kitchen window
between the frame of wood
bounces off the laminate
brushes tea cups on the sink
I watch as you make toast

and I smile at fluffy slippers
with your pilled old dressing gown
the pale blue towel wrapped
around your head from
your early morning shower
it’s old and stained with
hair dye but you refuse
to throw it out

I hear the kettle singing
out it’s boiled call
I watch you dangle tea bags
and hum your favourite song
I see you grab the butter
and the milk out of the fridge
and screw your pretty nose up
as you unexpectedly sneeze

you grab a piece of toast
and feed it to the dog
and tell him he’s a good boy
I love how you say that
yes it is the simple things
that I could watch for hours
the moments of your ‘everyday’
that I so love and admire

34 thoughts on “This is how he sees her

  1. aaah, such warmth in this… love it, Jen!
    (p.s.: finally included you on my brilliant blogs page – hope you will forgive me for it taking so long… have a lot of catching up to do πŸ˜‰ )

    • I thought I had replied – well I did, but it went off into the universe to join the single socks of this world. 😦
      Thank you my darling for liking and I peeked at your site – hmm ‘I’m a thinker’ you think πŸ˜‰ Very sweet of you to even have me up there and I hope that those that peek at my site from your suggestion & link actually see that I do think….sometimes..I think.. πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Stunning..
    I had a short spell at poetry
    Not all are mine, some are. One I did on family was ok. And I really was enjoying playing with words you know. Start with the 1st line, knowing it has to lead to the 2nd, then the next verse and I loved the challenge of the mind. You make it effortless.
    I may go back and try again. I even did one on Football memories. Was real fun..

    Shaun x

    • Oh mate I am still a beginner, but I thank you. I have learnt a great deal from those that have been writing for longer than I. They have taught me to ‘show’ not tell – as I had a tendency to over use words and also that it doesn’t have to ‘rhyme’ – keep trying, it will grow on you as it has done me. Thanks you for reading and I shall revisit yours πŸ™‚ x

      • Rhyme, I over done it there. I really enjoyed it, and the best advice I kept getting was , if you like it, it is good.
        I may have had my interest peaked again..00:08am Wednesday here (Welcome to Wednesday πŸ™‚ )
        And I have Match Stick eyes, can’t sleep, I think I cracked something in my upper spine.
        Super dooper pain…I took 2 sleeping pills 2 hours ago.
        I am a zombie here typing with one eye feeling lucky I know where the keys are on this Laptop πŸ™‚


      • OMG man crawl into your bed – or off to the physio/chiro with you! Happy Wednesday to you. Typing blind may lead to all sorts of trouble – get some sleep son! πŸ˜‰

      • I am just about to turn off now..
        Kicking in as I had medication also…

        If I say “Who wrote this in the morning” Humour me will you.. lol
        Just did another 200ish words for a guest blog also.
        Amazing how we can fight one eye πŸ™‚

        G’Night xx

      • Am I still asleep here?
        Nope I just punched myself in the lips…It hurt.
        I spoke to the dog, and she spoke back. I am awake

        MAYBE!! Listen here…
        MAYBE!! The world ended in the Southern Hemisphere?
        Hmmm, this is flawed however. As you are replying.
        But ,maybe you are dreaming…
        hmm, but then I wouldn’t see this. hmmmmm…

        Stupidity overload

      • 1st. I no longer have to approve what you say. Life is good.

        As for be being “Onto you” Well I guess I am.
        WWIII only happened in Iceland I heard πŸ™‚

        And I almost remember speaking to you before I went to bed. Honest to God one eye and half a brain working.
        Half a brain is 3% more than usual however.
        So we will just go with the eye thing πŸ™‚

        lol x

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