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Hello everyone,

I haven’t written about my meetings since 25th May. Last Saturday night I attended a ‘meeting’ that included 10 or so friends and acquaintances of Carol (Head Medium). The ‘fledging mediums’ were having a chance to ‘strut their stuff’ i.e. get up in front of strangers and not just the group that they have become familiar with.

I was holding my brother’s scarf and a leather necklet, I also carried a photo of him in my bag. One of the ladies ‘H’ got up to do a reading. Bear in mind I have NOT mentioned anything about my brother to her or anyone in the group, please keep this in mind as you roll your eyes.

She said I have a male energy drawing close – on a brother or brother-in -law vibration.

I sat – tensed.

He did not pass of old bones (my brother was 47 when he passed).

I also feel that he had an illness but that he did not pass over from the earth plain from this illness (My brother had Hepatitis C, he was also told because of liver, that if he drank again, it would kill him).

He did not have a regular job as such, I get the feeling that he drifted in different things regarding work (my brother was a hippie till the end, he went to India a few times to purchase incense and jumpers to sell back in Australia, but did not maintain or hold a regular job).

He feels sorry for the grief he caused for your family and I feel more so for your parents (mum and dad found it difficult to accept the life path that he chose, not settling into the mainstream and there were many clashes).

Something substantial about midnight, that he had everything he could have wanted in life, but at midnight it was taken away from him. (My family do not know the time that he passed, he was found on the floor of his Hotel room in India, approximately a week after his death. The death notice 9/1/2004. He also went to India taking a ‘lady’ friend with him, she ended up running off with a Taxi driver on New Years Eve).

He is very quiet, but as he draws his energy away he leaves me with a memory of a park with playground equipment and a river, where he spent time with the family when he was young (a park that us as a family went to and had BBQ’s or picnics regularly, it had a playground and also a small river running through it).

That is what threw me the most, the fact that Mr. S and I had driven past this park not that many weeks ago and I mentioned to him that is where we use to go as a family and had good memories of.

My brother ‘P’ was acknowledging that I had remembered the park.

The tears were flowing, a girlfriend next to me held my hand. Her grandmother (on her mother’s side) came through, she has been contacted twice before. I couldn’t stop crying.

Take it for what it is, ‘H’ did not know anything of my brother, yet what she spoke of was the truth.

Could it have been applied to anyone? If they died young, didn’t hold down a regular 9-5 job,passed by something that wasn’t due to the condition that he had, caused anxiety especially to their parents for the particular life-choices they made, did he pass NYE – ie his life was full then everything taken away at midnight, and went to a park similar to what we did.

I leave it to you to decide, for me the acknowledgment of life after death is becoming more and more real to me as the weeks progress.

I will share more as time goes on.

I thank you.

33 thoughts on “Life after…

  1. i believe there is a different form of reality out there – and our human brains just don’t want to accept it, because we’ve been told from day 1 – spirits don’t exist.
    follow your gut… you are on a great path.

    • Thank you so much my lovely. I like many others, probably have an ‘inkling’ but discard it because it is not what ‘we should believe’. How many believe in God and yet they have not seen him? How many have other believes sight unseen. I am not religious, but I am spiritual and I shall continue on this path to see where it leads. xxx

  2. Oh Jen.. So sorry for the loss of your brother.

    I have little experience of mediums but I do believe that those passed on give us signs from time to time.

    The loss of a man I loved very much changed my life and it’s direction radically. I have no one to talk to about him anymore but I do still talk to him from time to time..

    Bless you my friend…xx

    • Sorry it has taken me a little while to respond, been busy with poetry muse and not replying Jen 😦 Thank you my darling 9 years it has been, it was his birthday last Monday he is 55, I say is and not ‘would be’, as I believe him to still be around. I am here if you want to talk too btw (you know that right) Keep talking to him from time to time as he does hear you my lovely. xx

  3. this is beautiful and amazing, and i believe in all possibilities in the universe, this was not luck or coincidence. like you, i have lost people very dear to me, and i have had instances where i have been made aware of them and their presence in the world, both before and after death, by others.

  4. I say if our loved ones can say something once they are gone yours did I just hope you found peace in the fact he was so sorry for the grief he caused and the joy he remembered in that special park you played together HUGS

    • Thank you Eunice, I told my parents but they couldn’t grasp what I was trying to say, the park was a head spin… I hope that he will com forth again soon, he wasn’t pushy in life, so other more dominant spirit seem to take first place in the line 😦 xx

      • What matters is YOU KNOW and maybe lots of good will actually come from his brief visit I know I would be like “Wait I have more questions” 🙂

    • i may write about this someday, and i’m happy to share it with you now. when we were in our early 20’s, my sister/best friend, 1 year apart, was killed in a police chase involving a drunk driver. it was sudden, it threw me, it was extremely painful. she left behind 2 small children and a husband i never liked. long story after and the children have somehow grown to be wonderful people, and husband has died at his own hand. i went to see a psychic a couple of years after, total stranger to me and not connected to anyone i knew. she told me about my mother looking out a window with 4 panes, and one was empty, (there were 4 of us children, before my sister’s death). she then went on to describe my sister’s funeral, right down to the pink flowers on the casket, etc. somehow she made me feel better about it all. i shared this with my mother who did not believe me. later, i was at an amusement park with my husband and we both looked at each other in awe, as we saw a woman, looking exactly like my sis, on a roller coaster, laughing and fully happy, one of my sis’ fav things to do. when i went home my mother told me she had a dream about my sis giving her and envelope and telling her she was happy and okay. i believe in all sorts of possibilities in the universe, never judge others.

      • AMEN! This is so true I placed my son for adoption and within months of my Dad’s passing My son and I reconnected after 32 years. Anything is possible
        HUGS to you as you have been through a lot as well and I swear we seek answers to heal broken parts of us.

        Thanks for sharing.

      • Hi Beth, sorry for the delay in my reply. Your story is amazing and I have no doubt that it was your sister you saw on the roller coaster. The physic also picked up her spirit from her funeral. How comforting is it..really to have this peace, this knowledge that it is possible? 🙂 No one on this planet can say this doesn’t exist. I am glad you were comforted and that your mum was too. She must have been scared at first when you talked to her, that is why she didn’t believe, but your sisters spirit must have been so strong for her to present herself in your mums dream. We must believe in all possibilities as you have said, to open our minds to whatever there is beyond what we have been taught or instructed.Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with me and my readers xxx

  5. It could be interpreted both ways. Yet most of us some how know that there is much we do not understand. The rational thought of today is only about things that can be measured by technology we have and the usually the Big WHY questions are not encouraged.

    You are the best person to judge as we in India are culturally tuned to accept such happenings.

    • I agree with what you say YS, so many of us do not know, nor do we tend to seek…the ‘what if’s’ in life. I am curious and in awe of the possibility of communicating with spirit that it can happen and I am excited about learning more. Thank you for your comment and reading. 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry about your brother, Jen. This is such a tragic tale (and I’m hoping you’ve written a story about it). I believe in the afterlife and those from the other side contacting us. I know there’s no ‘scientific proof’, but who needs that when we have experiences like this…

    • Hi darling, no I haven’t written a story 😦 perhaps one day.. Thank you for your condolences. I am pleased that you and others show me that you believe, when I write posts like this I am certain that I get the ‘she’s of her nut’ look. It is what it is, the events too true to be discounted as coincidences…

  7. There is much we don’t understand and can never hope to because it’s beyond the realm of our current existence.
    Tragic but fascinating account you have described here. When I hear stories like this though it gives me faith. Faith that for those suffering there will be peace and faith that for those of us who are grieving that really the connections are still very much there, just in a different way, and that eventually the fibres that connect us all will one day make a beautiful tapestry that we can actually understand.

    • How beautifully written Tracey – thank you. Yes, from what I have learnt so far there are no individual families on spirit side just one big happy one..I can’t imagine how awesome that would be…as long as everyone played nice of course. So much is unknown and everyone has a right to believe or disbelieve as they do with religion. I for one am a believer and yearn to know as much as I can. xx

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