lust in the afternoon sun

b   u    u   u   m  p

and        g   r  i  n  d

like salt and pepper sing

just a little bit and

o   o  o   o  oooh

come         c l o  s   e

I need to >>       s  t  r  o  k  e

like a baby near the fire

will I hear

don’t touch….    it’s     H    O    T

but sizzzzzzzle

your skin>>>>  is the match  that’s

lit the fire within

I see

pecs and 6 pack abs

forearms glistening with    s  w  e  a  t

jeans hung loooooow

oh oh     ooops

what do I think

moth to flame … just look at you

hell don’t wink




whoooooo   CARES if I burn




38 thoughts on “lust in the afternoon sun

  1. I, as a male should not have read this…I feel woefully inadequate at the moment…you do not get a like button from me today…I believe I will make myself a good cup of tea now…

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