Spilt Milk – Life going slowly

Dust settles on antique oak, sleeping
not disturbed
how I wish that I could steal time
from my hurried self

to sit amidst curtains of cotton
cupboards of plates
dust thats found its bed
no destination – not be roused

doors slam shut – engines start
the same day nine to five
angry fists that wave
but do not smile

the every day – I sleepwalk
wishing for the ‘dust time’
to sit and gather thoughts
when sunlight filters through smudged panes

and hits the back of chairs
melts butter on the dish
my words would spill like milk across
the sun annointed tablecloth

27 thoughts on “Spilt Milk – Life going slowly

  1. Jenny, this is very good. I imagine it was harder than you might have thought. I would suggest for fun that you make a list of two or three words that might not go together and see what you come up with, like ‘lamp leg’ or ‘rock purse’ ‘grey antelope wings’ just let it go and take you for a ride.>KB

  2. Angry fists that wave but do not smile… I’ve seen that. People always wonder what’s going on when they drive through my neighborhood…such friendly faces and always the welcoming wave for anyone driving by. City folk tend to question whether something is wrong with their car when they see it. Sad that genuine greetings are now a rare commodity.

    • The incidence of road rage is increasing over here, not being let into flowing traffic, not giving way etc can lead to cars being damaged and worse people being abused and assaulted. Manners and friendliness sadly becoming a thing of the past. Thanks for reading Kitt. 🙂

  3. Hello my lovely, finally catching up, going backwards starting with this one… I love this. Really love this, it is what I am finally doing, I have a very short break this Summer but I do wake up every morning, with no particular destination, watching the dust settle in the sun, sitting at my breakfast table, watching my garden, slowly eating my breakfast, savoring every morsel instead of rushing through it, out to traffic that is unmerciful, exhausting and filled with rude people who want to be first in line at a merge. They don’t even think that they are stuck in the same spot for minutes, going at the same pace as the person behind – not going to be first at all. I love how you have caught the essence of what we all want and can relate to. That one line and the image that goes with it – wishing for the dust time to sit and gather thoughts…. So apt. Beautifully done!

    • I pictured you sitting at the table, relaxing and taking the day slowly, now you have a break. Endure you make the most of it my darling as it will end all too soon and you will back to the ‘rat-race’ – thank you so much for reading and taking the time to put a lovely comment once again. xxx

  4. oh Jen – this is my new favorite! wow…
    “how I wish that I could steal time
    from my hurried self”

    “to sit amidst curtains of cotton
    cupboards of plates”

    “my words would spill like milk across
    the sun annointed tablecloth”

    i could bathe in this! excellent…

    • You are too too kind my lovely, thank you so very much, I let it flow more easily this time and tried not to restrain – I am pretty pleased with it myself (pats myself on the back) lol 😉 xxx

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