Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mother Earth – our air


A Haibun

Have my head adorned with a wreath of fern blossom and wild daises, picked from mother earth.

Amid the grass I shall walk bare footed, anointing my skin with the early morning dew.

Invite the suns golden warmth to envelop me and I shall raise my arms to its magic.

Brown earth on which I tread the physical – enter my soul – the spiritual. 

Understand that I journey with you and upon you, I speak to the rivers and bathe in them this day. 

Now intoxicated from scent of perfumed flowers, I dance with arms outstretched and wait till night falls.

For Jani

Joyously I greet the longest day, the shortest night around the bonfire with fallen wood not stolen. 

As we dine on cheese with caraway and sup on ale throughout the dark.

No evil we will witness, birch and oak adorn our dwellings, we are safe from harm.

Into the night, my senses awakened,  mother nature and I are one,  forever to remain.


Nature provides life

I survive because of you

and inhale your breath


This is for the


I have chosen to do an acrostic version for the prose (I hope this fits in with the rules). Thank you Pirate for the invite.

50 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mother Earth – our air

  1. Beautifully put, clever, and very artistic. The sentiment can be felt in the words, and the first few lines have a natural second name is Iain, which is Jani in Latvian…heehee!

  2. Invite the sun’s golden warmth to envelop me and I shall raise my arms to its magic. I love that line. And the others as well, but that one spoke to me. Wonderful creativity, and images. Lovely.

  3. Hello! All the reasons I really like your haibun are: It comes from within you (where all haibun begin)! Your written words are expressive and encourage the reader to experience your feelings. Because this was for a celebration of nature – you nailed it! And finally your haiku is most definitely the heart, yours! Exquisite!

  4. i love the way you presented your haibun… and there are so many beautiful lines here, i don’t think i can pick a favorite, you’ve done a really great job with the descriptions 🙂

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