The ivories haunt me – VisDare Challenge 25

VisDare have once more succeeded in providing us (slightly mad challenge oriented people) with an amazing photo this week. PLEASE if you can, spend a minute or three to read the other brilliant entries, you will be so glad you did.   THANK YOU Angela for providing us writers with the shots that at times befuddle our brains and make our imaginations work over time.


photo source

She remembers herself screaming “Noooooooooo”.

The night she was too sick to attend her daughter’s first piano concerto at the Town Hall.

Justine, loved by everyone, an excellent scholar, caring, a daughter of whom she was so very proud.

Her body found, in her burnt out car, wrapped around a tree, on the outskirts of town.

They said she felt no pain, death on impact. Could they say that?  Rebecca only saw her daughter trying to escape, screaming to be saved, engulfed in flames, yelling for her mum.

She sat staring at the photo of Justine playing the piano. In her lap, the last message blazoned across her mobile phone’s sent box.

The guilt immeasurable, her text, read in seconds by her baby girl, was the last she would read.

“I love you Jus, so sorry I can’t be there darling, remember best foot forward!  🙂 “.


150 words or less – 147 words

Put your best foot forward – Meaning – Embark on a journey or task with purpose and gusto.

31 thoughts on “The ivories haunt me – VisDare Challenge 25

  1. You continue to pack such hard punches into your stories that yet translate so beautifully in your well-crafted words. Beauty in tragedy – that, I think, is your hallmark “voice” in your writing (at least of what I’ve seen). Beautiful (though heartbreaking) entry!!

    • Angela – thank you once again I have you to thank for inspiring me with the brilliant photos that you choose. I cannot wait to get into the new one. Being a mum helps to get in touch with that ‘voice’ and I am fortunate I have not suffered tragedies in my life as the above. Thank you Angela for your kindness.

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