Songs & Moods – Mumsy’s thoughts

Lately I have been writing poetry/prose/flash fiction.

Tonight I find myself in a general thought writing mood.

I should place the warning sign – Enter at own Risk, because this could bore the pants off you.

Whilst driving home from work tonight, I was listening to a radio station that I had not listened to before.  They advertise  ‘The Best Songs of all Time.’ Whether their statement is based on fact or not, would depend on the demographic of listeners and what type of music they enjoy listening too (I am older therefore I enjoyed).

I listened to Elvis, Herman & The Hermits, John Denver, Dionne Warwick, The Righteous Bros and many more. As I drove, I sang along to them – all of them. Words came out from the deep recesses of my grey cells, lyrics, from when I was younger, in my teens, my 20’s, my 30’s, my 40’s. (I won’t go on with the age as I am scaring myself).

I enjoy many songs that are currently playing on the radio,  in fact I really like Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines – if it comes on at work (yes I am lucky enough to have a radio in my office) I can’t help but wiggle in my chair. Just quietly, it certainly does not hurt that Mr Thicke is one mighty fine lookin’ young man (well I think he is at any rate).  In saying that, shall I remember the lyrics to this song in 20+ years, the answer is no. I shall hopefully though still be able to remember how Mr. Thicke looks, but that’s about it. I also love Just Give me a Reason by Pink (I pretty much love all her songs). I love music, I love writing whilst listening to music. I love dancing to music (back in the days when the stomp was fashionable) ok and after that..

Which got me thinking some more – we all know music has the ability to affect our moods.

Sad songs will bring us to tears, remind of us of broken hearts, of people we have lost, be it friends or those who have left the earth coil.

Happy songs will get us bouncing  & dancing round the floor to the point of losing our knickers.

Pretty songs about love or seasons will bring a smile, a gentle sigh and feeling of warm and fuzziness.

Angry songs…well they just make me angry so I guess they are having the affect they wanted.

I’m sorry but I can’t listen to head-banging-mosh-pitting-devil worshipping-nothingness. (Iron Maiden and the like) who you say? If it isn’t harmonious, it’s not a song in my books.

1. It gives me a headache and

2. Is it really music?

Songs that take me back, allowing me to remember certain times in my life are what stay with me. The lyrics remaining in my (sometimes can’t even think of what I did yesterday) brain is something that astounds me.

I have heard so many over my years, as I am sure people in my age bracket have and it’s comforting when ‘old friends’ return, so that I can sing along with them once again.

Music and its affect on us is far ranging, will certain music cheer us if we are sad, or turn us into blubbering messes if we started off happy? If we are not in the right ‘place’ to listen, will it not affect us at all?

I could write a few pages on the different songs that I like, why I like them, how they make me feel.

In my youth I listened to Cream, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Small Faces, Beatles, Deep Purple, now I like R & B, some country, Andre Bocelli, Celtic singers and yes the ‘Golden Oldies’. My taste is still varied, I will listening to almost anything (apart from the head banging nonsense).

Below is one of the tunes (oh how old does that sound) that I heard on my drive home and it brought to mind friends, friends who are having it tough of late, friends whose lives have been thrown a curve ball. Yes, I sang along to Dionne and I got misty eyed.

This song makes you sigh and makes you a little melancholy, it’s not a losing your knickers type song. I do believe Elton has hair?

If you like, perhaps you would like to listen to the one that got me misty. … to my friend..this is for you.


Are there any songs special to you, who did you listen to when you were younger? Your to me.

47 thoughts on “Songs & Moods – Mumsy’s thoughts

  1. Music is indeed powerful. I loved many of the artists/bands you have mentioned in the post. But I haven’t got to listening much of the western music, particularly because of the language constraint. My first language isn’t English but still, I find myself quite fascinated by the English music, especially of the the 60’s and 70’s and the 90’s.
    Music has a way of making me feel some emotion I can not comprehend.. it is just truthful. That is all I know. And moreover, I find myself lucky to be a fan of the music of two different languages and hence, I have come across some really soulful voices. Still in my teens, I hope to explore more of good music in my lifetime, howsoever long it might last.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

    • HA – no thank you for reading and replying. I did not know that English is your second language or more so that you are still in your teens? Where were you born may I ask? You write with such maturity – hence the suprise of you saying you are only young. Appreciate your feed-back- thank you 🙂

  2. *smiles* …. I think you have found your niche is poetry and your photo writings … toss in your ramblings and the posts on family, and tis a well rounded bit of writings on your part Mumsy.

    This one, on music … I suspect many will relate. Music brings people together. Music brings for emotions, both rambunctious and blue. And music ties us to our past.

    For my part, I grew up listening mostly to celtic songs and hooleys in the pub. (Hooleys are a music thing … musicians just drop in and play together … often there was some bit of dance / spontaneous ceilis *raises hand on the dance*) But as I grew older, and especially after moving to the states, I started to listen to some other things … and I find I have missed out on a lot of good music. My taste is pretty varied now … I will give any music a whirl in my ear these days.

    As to the video you posted … *gentle smile* … I remember that song when it came out. The four in the video… superstars all … and not just for their music … but for their humanity.

    And .. thank you … I know you have many friends, and I suspect it goes out to a lot of them *quiet yahhhh* … but I will take a part of that too.


    • My darlin’ Katie – Thank you – I did not know where my posts would lead when I first started and it has turned into somewhat of a melting pot. Music does tie us to our past, how many songs especially the melancholy ones where it takes us straight back to what happened, some songs that can’t even be listened to again or for some time for the pain that we are reminded of. Hooleys would be like our ‘jam’ sessions, where different players will get up spontaneously and play together – grand 🙂
      I am glad you took part with the video tribute to my friend/s **nods** glad indeed. xxx

  3. loved this post and i was rockin’ my Jimi tee all weekend that i found in a thrift store for $2 bucks!
    oh, you and i have talked about music in one of our late night chats, how it sparks my emotions, how i write my poems listening, maybe the one more powerful inspiration is LOVE itself.

  4. I just wanted to say I enjoyed that. I know what you mean about it taking you back….taking you places… Being a songwriter I’ve always said poetry is for the heart and music is for the soul.

  5. I always was and continue to be touched by music, I am transformed to past places and memories, and at times transformed in the present. Happy to hear you let yourself go and sang full out. Lolled sgt pepper in my day )

    • Hi Beth – we can be touched by music in so many different ways, for somany different reasons.Thank you for giving me your thoughts. I shall be singing tonight again too (just won’t take any notice of the looks I get from other drivers) Go Sgt Pepper!! xx

  6. Oh Mumsy, I too love Pink, I think she has a rawness that is so appealing to me, she sings from the heart, it makes me feel creative. Music has always nourished me, nurtured me.. Growing up, I listened to James Taylor, the Beatles, Elvis, and then it was the fantastic 80s… I loved noooo, actually obsessed about Duran Duran. I listened to Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Bangles and now, it is really eclectic. I love the group Fun. In fact the lead singer has that duet with Pink, which I can’t stop listening to. I also like Maroon Five, Kings of Leon, Andrea Bocelli and yes! Robin Thicke who is fantastic, hmmm, no, that doesn’t do him justice, he is authentic yes! talented.
    I like opera and classical, they get my writing started, Verdi especially. Have you see the movie Quartet? Beautiful. Directed by Dustin Hoffman, filled with music by Verdi.

    • I love that everyone has so much enthusiasm in their responses! Yes to James Taylor – sadly Duran Duran (is all yours) funny but couldn’t ‘get into them’. Kings Of Leon – definately. I like classics also, no I haven’t seen the movie Quartet, but I do like Verdi – so may be one to get out 🙂 I am especially glad you like Pink – I have seen 2 of her concerts over here – one extremely talented woman. I could talk about music all day and night. Thank you sweet. xxx

  7. I like blogs like this, where someone rambles. 🙂

    I have a wide taste in music, classical is nice to listen too whilst under the stars on a peaceful evening, Even the sounds of big bands too, with lights twinkling outside. I grew up with music, a wide range of it, Sometimes music can be overwhelming for me, too much noise, sometimes quiet is good.

    oh Pink. 🙂 *starts hip bumping Mumsy*

    • I shall ramble more often then 🙂 I love how diverse everyone is, though in saying that their taste covers a broad spectrum – no one seems to be ‘fixed’ on one particular style. Which is a good thing *nods*
      Mumsy is so down with da hip bumpin’ 😉 x

  8. As you already know, my tastes in music is all over the place with a special love for country (though, Pink is also a fave of mine). Although metal doesn’t bother me as much as you do, I do think it qualifies because under all the noise there’s still a harmony & melody, both lyrically and through many of the instruments. (Granted, sometimes it’s jarring, but it’s there.) Rap has been the genre that I don’t quite classify as music. Art? Definitely. But more along the lines of poetry to a rhythm (hmmm…kinda like beatnick).

    Songs that mean a lot to me? We’d be here all day. Favorites growing up? Amy Grant, Elvis, Air Supply, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Bread, Poison, George Michael, Bon Jovi, The Carpenters, Chicago, Def Leppard, Eric Clapton, Sandi Patti, Roberta Flack, Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire….and I could go on and on…

    • I knew that your response would be detailed as you write about music and its affect on you often. This part of your reply made me chuckle – Although metal doesn’t bother me as much as you do, ….I thought “What I bother her”? 😀 I know what you meant lol. See I can’t get my head around Metal or RAP for that matter – ahhh I’m typically old school in some ways. YES to Roberta Flack and Reba McEntire and… no I have to stop also 🙂 Thanks hon for your thoughts. x

  9. Great post. Me, I like all kinds of music. What I might listen to on any given day is very much dependent upon my mood. My teen years were spent in the ’80s with lots of New Wave and Glam Rock. But dancing, that I never gave up and have no plans to in the future. 😉

    • Hi sweet – thank you- yes it works both ways doesn’t it- your mood will depend on what you wish to listen to, or what you listen too will affect your mood. Dancing – no no no – NEVER give that up!! *hip bumps Kyred* 🙂 x

  10. I love music and I am all over the map with my preferences. I like Journey, Boston, Styx and Kansas from the 70’s. Loved me some George Michael in the 80’s. In the 90’s I was too busy raising kids to know who I liked. Now I like just about anything except for hard rock or straight rap.

    • Hi sweet – thank you for participating in what has turned out a busy post! Ok heard of Journey – the other 3 no and George Michael oh I am not a fan. Where did the 90’s go??? 😦 Ditto on your last sentance. 🙂

  11. I love all the bands you mentioned. I listen to just about everything, even Iron Maiden 😉 Actually an Iron Maiden song is one of my favorite HS memories, a teacher I had was trying (unsuccessfully) to prove to a class of non-poetry lovers (with the exception of yours truly) how we could appreciate and relate to poetry if we understood poems and lyrics were closely related. I helped him out by pointing out to my classmates that Iron Maiden’s new album (it was 1984 or ’85) had Rime of the Ancient Mariner on it, which was based on and used lines from the poem by the same name.

    Songs that mean a lot to me? There’s so many, for so many reasons it’s hard to narrow it down to a comments worth! One is most definitely The Stroll by The Diamonds, it reminds me of my parents moving furniture around so my Dad could teach me to dance. 🙂

    • Thanks CK..I guess I have to listen to HS memories now don’t I 🙂 I think I have heard Rime of the Ancient Mariner (and have read the poem). I know there are so many that we love and mean something to us. I also have not heard of The Stroll by The Diamonds – I seem to have some youtub-ing in front of me especially the last one – the reminder is so beautiful – thank you for responding! 🙂

  12. Music has been my Best Friend I too know all the words after 18 hrs a day 5 to 7 days in a rig for all those years. People must have thought me NUTS late at night Jamming to the Doors and Steppenwolf oh and Johnny Cash and the rest. Loved your post and yes those bring me to tears as well and others smiles appear while remembering the beautiful concerts here in New England I have attended be it the Boston Gardens or under the stars. I used to adore Robin’s Daddy late at night Thicke @ night or I think it is his father. 🙂

    We all have such wonderful memories when it come to tunes in our lives thanks for the great POST and you would never boor me 🙂

    • How very sweet of you to say what you did Eunice. I smiled so wide when I read Steppenwolf – another favourite of mine 🙂 Perhaps they did think you NUTS – and that’s why you chose ‘your’ name 😀 – I am sure your reportoire would be very extensive with all the hours in the truck..I am envious. xx

      • Now the cash I made that is to be envied but I EARNED EVERY PENNY lol NUTSFORTREASURE is because we detect, and prospect for GOLD 🙂 REAL TREASURE he says I say LIFE is the REAL TREASURE

        OH I can not remember my name most days but a song and it’s lyrics I should have went on that game show 🙂

  13. Hi Mumsy! I’m listening as I’m typing to you. I loved this song and still do. Music can pull me out of dark places. I just love it and could dance all night long! I love this post as it makes me feel good and helps me remember all the great music I loved growing up. I was a huge Doors fan, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles,Elvis, Michael Jackson, Creedence Clearwater, Annie Lennox! ( I love the song..WHY) I should post it! Lol Honestly too much to mention. I give love to this friend also. Have a great night, Mumsy! Paula loves ys!! xxxxx

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