Passing through the storm


The door to yesterday flung open
with force and raging temperament
twisting like the hurricane, emotions rose
taking pieces of our sanity – discarding them

with violent blows, hammer on wood
our senses were assaulted, our rational
dispersed like spiralling winds from a
tornado, unable to root to earth

the blanket of fog we stepped into
not only was outside at the hour
on the hour, but carpeted our bodies
as we witnessed, your end to life

today we woke, the fog lifted
though the grey still sits and waits
patiently for us, till we have thoughts
of tomorrow – till we are ordinary again


May I just add a very big thank you to everyone for your empathy and condolences with the events of yesterday.

22 thoughts on “Passing through the storm

  1. This is a lovely poem that sums up what you have been, and are, going through . I hope that the fog and the grey will not stay too long, though it is important they are there to experience.

  2. I hope the gloom lifts soon for you…
    Sometimes in life we can all be good at giving advice (Like you)
    And when it comes time for you to need words, you never seem to get stuck.
    You are a remarkable person… So I offer words anyway, as friends do

    You are in my thoughts .. x

    • Thank you Shaun, that was a very kind thing to say. My writing is helping me get through this, I am consoled that I have so many wonderful friends who are supporting me and Mr. S. x

      • Always, we are all here for each other in good, bad and indifferent times. We cry and laugh together. That is what we do here…And I truly hope the writing helps..All I can say is, it helps me greatly. And the advice you gave once helped more than you know… Chin up, x Keep Writing x And you have my Email if needed…
        Shaun x

  3. blanket of fog.. three words that describe that feeling oh so perfectly. Ordinary takes time..
    Thinking of you

  4. That last paragraph is so beautiful, and makes me realise that something pure can come from pain, like a new shoot of green after long, dark winter months. Take your time, and remember we all think the world of you 😉

    • Thank you so much G, the beauty is in the remembering, in knowing that when we do something that reminds us of her, she is within us. She was a lovely lady, who did not have an easy life, she shall be missed by many. xx

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