Thank you to my virtual family

Hello everyone,

It is 12:50am Friday morning 5th of July, as I begin to write. For most of you that follow me, you will know that my partner (the incredibly wonderful Mr. S) and I, have been going through a rough time over the last week. For those that don’t read me regularly, I shall not go into detail, suffice to say the Funeral was today.

We stepped one foot at a time till we reached this hurdle today and we have now climbed over it. Each day as we grow a little stronger, each day as we support one another, we shall continue walking, until we can reach the finish line and then and only then, we will know that we have made it through. We will help each other survive the pain, try to establish ‘normality’ once again and keep within us the memories of the beautiful lady we lost.

I am writing to say THANK YOU, thank you to all of you who have been so very kind, those who have given words of encouragement and love to myself and Mr. S and his family.

People whom I have never met and will probably never do so, all of you who have made me feel that I have an extended ‘virtual’ family.

We can chat on here and comment on each others work, but this has gone beyond that. I have been fortunate to establish friendships and for that I am grateful, for your comments, your emails.

I shed a tear thinking of the kindness that has been shown and I needed to convey my gratitude to you all for being there, for caring.

We all know the hands of the life clock is not as long as we would wish. For some it stops too early. So immeasurably precious is life, I ask you to grab hold of it with gusto.

Tell those that are close that you love them.
Take photographs – often.
Visit, share, be involved with their lives.
Do not take anything for granted.
Give support to one another.
Hug them or hold their hand – just because you can.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,


39 thoughts on “Thank you to my virtual family

  1. That was a beautiful reach out to all of us … you are part of our extended virtual family too …

    And wishing you and your Mr. S comfort in this difficult time.

  2. something that always gives me a bit of comfort, just a bit, you can always visit with them again, in your mind. Close your eyes and have a conversation even. you know what they would say, how they would say it. They are always a part of you.


  3. I don’t do friends in real life and that is why you are among a few who are especially special to me. As you say we will most likely never meet but I feel as if I know you well.

    Stay strong my friend and keep hugging Mr S. xx

  4. This made me shed a tear. It’s so true, Mumsy. we just don’t know what awaits us. Mr S has the love of you and that is huge! I send you both love during this time. Hugs Mumsy…Paula xxxxxxxoooo

  5. I’m so sorry about the difficult time you are going through. I just went back and saw what I had missed while I was gone. My heart to Mr. S and you. A wonderful reminder to hold those dear to us a little closer.

  6. Lose I always tough but when we ‘get over’ our sense of loss, if in fact we do, it is the collection of memories we hold close that keep us sane. My father died last year, I nursed him for a long time. I very like the advice you give at the end. Best wishes.

  7. It will get better the pain of loss as well all can tell you but for years the mere mention or thought will bring us to tears maybe it is a way they make sure we don’t forget. I have shed enough for a small pond so my thoughts will continue to be with you sending a HUG from New Hampshire

    • I appreciate the hug from New Hampshire – Hugs are good in times like these. So many ponds around the world…for how she did suffer through her life, I think in a small way this was a blessing. Thank you Eunice. xx

      • Yes suffering hurts so many besides the ones who are passing away. I am glad you can look at this as a time of piece for her which in time will bring you so much peace as well. We will all reach that point someday but if we could, we would all just choose to close our eyes peacefully I am sure. HUGS

      • 🙂 you are welcome smile and enjoy the happy memories for they will come as well HUGS

  8. For the advice, comfort, love, compassion and more you show to people on here, I think it was a given people who even only know you a little to your best friends would be at your side. I was.
    You are one of the most honest, fun caring people on here.
    I hope you are feeling better still.
    You were in my thoughts for a few days


    • Shaun (BH) that was such a lovely and thoughtful thing to say. I so appreciate your kindness. I am feeling better and Mr. S is getting there… he will take longer than I and I am there to hold him up when he needs. I’m sorry that I haven’t been commenting on too many blogs of late (yours and others) just been in my own little world – which I guess everyone would realise and accept. {huggs} back and thank you. x

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