Please hit play as you read


I love

bare feet walking on wet sand

lying on softened grass

covering myself in blankets

staring into an open fire

telling you I love you

listening to a symphony of insects

morning mist latching onto trees

walking without a destination

dancing in the summer rain

watching lovers holding hands

hot showers on a wintry day

scented candles burning in the night

the softness of the strings

the lilt of the ivories

close your eyes and listen

music filling my body

cradling a new born baby in my arms

listening to thunderstorms

watching the sun as it rises

the taste of a beautiful wine

walking through a forest

incense burning

staring into rock pools

hugging my parents

being with my daughters


holding onto treasured memories

my head has it’s own heart beat

19 thoughts on “beauty

  1. You do know that I would comment on this right? *super smile*…cello. Mmmmm cello.

    Ok….first the writing though … well no, the writing AND the music ~ they went so well together. In my head, you must have listened to the music to write those words. I hit play … I INSTANTLY knew this video, as I have it bookmarked.

    And I started to read…the music started right when I hit the words, “listening to a symphony of insects” … how grand is that *smiles*

    It is incredibly beautiful to listen to … as we think on the grandness of life … and the lovely memories we have.


    • Yes I listened and wrote together and I knew you would comment and that makes me smileโ€ฆI needed to listen to music – to this tonight as I wrote, to ground me again. Thank you my lovely lady. x

  2. oh…btw, on this particular duo, I have not researched them yet (I should)…I do not know why they call themselves the Piano Guys … always it is the piano player AND the cello player *s* … another of their videos I really love is one where they are playing the Peanuts theme for some seniors at an assisted living center…that one is awesome too *smiles*

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