Forgotten in time


A little ambiance….please hit play…listen for a moment…as she sings… read


summer heat crackles
reminiscent of parched leaves
crumbled by the sun
back of an old persons hands
whose years have toiled
towards the water
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
wet sand, beneath my feet
soft cool brushes ankles
white skin goose bumps
darker deeper

the veil of cobalt blue
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
into the watery grave
of those that laughed
and cried before me
the remnants of their
chalky bones crushed
with shells I walk upon
disguised in grains of sands

those who spoke of love
as did I, who shed a tear as I
who gazed upon the moon and
watched a shooting star
and danced on wooden floors
dressed in finery
gathered skirts and cotton breeches
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
that went to war

who smiled on wedding days
who mourned at tombstones
girls who bore infants, when they
were but infants themselves
watery grave of those no longer
gather round me
hands reach out and softly
stroke my skin, crying to be
remembered, souls that still exist
souls I shan’t forget
slowly I tread..

This was inspired from some words that Tracy at  had written. I could not let these words go – so thank you Tracy for the inspiration. For the music I thank Miri – my poet mentor at Words From Here To There,  find her work at  She introduced me to the exotically sublime voice of Loreena McKennitt.

34 thoughts on “Forgotten in time

  1. Oh…I believe she has come to Ireland a time or two…but I do not believe she is from Scotland….and I know she plays the harp too nod nods…and she has a lovely voice *S*

    • Yes when I started looking her songs up on youtube last night – I saw the one with the harp. She is very talented and I shall be buying her music on the weekend. Thank you for reading lovely. xx

  2. “back of an old persons hands
    whose years have toiled
    towards the water”
    … the ‘cobalt blue veil’… awh Jen.
    i love this.
    you reveal the essence – the essence is what makes this pulsate. beautifully written.
    we don’t need many words to tell tales… you proved it here.
    I hope it doesn’t sound weird when i say this, but i think you know how to take it. i am proud of you. most words are trinkets – colorful decoration, but we don’t really need them. if we throw things out, we reveal true beauty.
    you did it here.
    thank you for this. xx

    p.s.: so glad you like her 😉 her voice is beautifully haunting…

    • It did not sound weird at all – I know what you are saying and I thank you and *blush* for the beautiful compliment and for letting me know about her. Thank you – for everything xxx

  3. A great choice of music to read your poem to. Beautifully constructed piece. I have a recording of Loreena singing Greensleeves which is amazing as she has such a beautiful voice.

    • Thank you ‘O’ she is so wonderful, that I feel I have run out of adjectives to describe her, the clarity of her voice. Thank you so much for reading and I am glad you enjoyed.

  4. Oh this is gorgeous. You grabbed me with ‘summer heat crackles/ reminiscent of parched leaves/ crumbled by the sun/ back of an old persons hands.’

  5. I love the opening lines to this – crackling leaves and old people’s hands – you grabbed my attention completely.

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