Winter in Melbourne

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As ice clears on my winters morn
heavy dew melts ‘tween the blades
that crackles under shoes
I smell the smoke of open fires
creeping from houses nestled in my
neighbourhood, circling from chimneys
into the atmosphere, vanishing
as it dances with the grey
I wonder if I will feel the sun again
my body warmed against the chills
the smell of hot scones freshly baked
plated on kitchen benches toasty
warmed from those that sit
conversations with hot tea

no snow, but cold enough in Melbourne
in a winter, frost that paints the windows
of cars parked along the streets
house windows, trickle panes with water
as cold clashes with the heat
and I rub my hands together to stop
the chill entering my bones
rugged in boots, coat and scarf
I walk the path, the biting air
nips my cheeks, breath exhales white
into the air, teeth chattering

the sun will come around once more
a few months, is all I have to bare
of waking in the darkness off to work
returning in the same stilled black
but I know, as sure as every season comes
longer lit days will arrive once more
where smiles are more readily seen on faces
venturing out of doors, ceasing the will
to hibernate as short beaked echnidas do
for we have no bears that hide in caves
as I wish at times I could

31 thoughts on “Winter in Melbourne

    • Really – you must email and tell me whereabouts – perhaps a meet & greet could happen *s*. It is beautiful but – this morning? No thank you I didn’t even want to move to get dressed, even with the house being toasty – thank you for reading πŸ™‚

  1. *s* … I had to look up echnidas … tis a cute little hedgehog looking creature *S*…with a long snout…cute.

    But your last stanza … nods… the winter will break … it always does.

    And…wonders if Beth has gone by your place yet *smiles*

    • Thank you so much Chrinda for reading and for your lovely comment. I am amazed when readers say if a particular piece is my best posted, or that they loved the one just read the most, when in my head I much prefer some of my others. It’s all in the eye of the be-holder though isn’t it, so I am glad this resonated with you- appreciate your kindness.

  2. Jenny this is very good, though I would caution on some archaic uses of some words but overall the sense of winter’s bitter ness of cold.lonliness and perhaps quiet desperation comes thorough loud and well written.>KB

  3. Jen this is really gorgeous and full of such well observed detail. I hate to say it but we are in the middle of a wonderful heatwave hear – it’s so rare that I can’t help boast. But despite that, your poem made me nostalgic for the beauty of winter! I also sense the hope in the way there is this thought of summer coming and sense that you must be tapping into that feeling, using it to get you through your grief.

    • Hello darling – thank you – yes I do suffer a tad during winter months – being more forlorn and with the events of late has taken on a darker I await summer – the warmth and the sun and I am ever so jealous of your heatwave *smile* Thank you so much for reading Gabs.

  4. Oh hell. I’d been led to believe it wasn’t going to be THAT cold. Thanks for helping me know what to pack.

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