words ricochet back – forth
screaming voices
whose the first to take control
to dominate the ‘discussion’
bullets hit home
things said in heat, I’d welcome
a hot summers day, I would trade
the scorching searing, replace
the deep breaths trying to grab air
for understanding, but I have only
bewilderment and hear
the slamming of the doors
not knowing which way to turn
what should be said, reactions
wanting to start again
not dragging up the
‘kitchen sink’
focussing on the now
but I don’t, we can’t return
to normal, tears are shed
anger is left in hearts
feelings of I understand
but I don’t

35 thoughts on “Arguing

  1. Ahhh…*hugs you* …. I think I understand what this piece is about. I would like to say you can only do what you can do … but … we are mums … and we cannot help but think we can do more…or should do more …. or …

    *gives you another hug*

      • Ah.. I have a son I don’t see so I escaped the mother/daughter thing.

        You know you love one another so it will pass…xx

      • I won’t say you are lucky not having the daughter thing – if you never see your son 😦
        Yes we do .. we will get was a major crack in the footpath..that we fell through. Thank you darling xx

  2. Dear Jenny,
    I have been so intrigued of late by your posting that this morning I have downloaded your book.
    I feel to be able to comment on your postings which have such heart rending content I must familiarise myself with a bit more back ground.
    So much so of what you deal with in your poetry I can readily relate to.
    Not being female you might say I have limitations, however I did spend many years in a destructive marriage and the result of which is my own children have a very poor, if any at all, relationship with their mother. It is my great sadness in life that they have missed out on what I think is every child’s right.
    Excellent poem, by the way.

    • Oberon – this is such a beautiful gesture and compliment. I am truely taken back. My Memoir is based on my girls lives as they left the family home and how I tried to cope…though one broke her wing and returned. The majority of what I write is non-fiction on my site, some say feelings so raw perhaps shouldn’t be exposed- but I am who I am and this event that took place last night with my daughter and myself…I had to write to release. I am so sorry for your children not to have experienced or witnessed a ‘happy family environment’, this is the case sadly for many. My girls were in a good environment, life’s circumstances (parts I do not wish to write) means battles are met and fought now and then. Writing is my escape , as it is for most writers. I am honoured that you have downloaded my story and I would be very interested in any comments you may wish to share about it. The writing is in simple form (quite some time before I started blogging and writing prolifically). Thank you so much for your kindness & your support., very much appreciated.

      • My pleasure. I might add that through some strange quirk of nature and despite the disfunctional nature of our home my children are all part of my life. They are spread all over the country, two in Melbourne, they communicate with me regularly. My youngest daughter and her two boys ( Will is two weeks old today) are coming this morning. I am indeed lucky. My children are a diverse and amazing group of people.
        I will report back about your book.

      • I am SO glad that they are in your life, that makes me smile. Have a wonderful morning with your daughter and her boys – you sound so proud as you should be. (I love the name Will).
        Hope you have a beautiful day with your family and thank you ‘O’ once again.

  3. Time will come to your always does.
    The moment can be the hardest part in all our lives..
    You advise me more than most on here..
    So I will try and do likewise, cos I care..

    Always here for a chat ok

      • Yeah we all come to hard stages in life. I had a REAL bad one 4 years ago. I thought my world had ended or was going to. All is well now. We had a murder in the family it was just awful, no words to describe, the pain was too much. But it got better. We never forget, we just learn to live with things.. Different to your pain, but pain is pain and sometimes it just takes a long time to go away. But we learn to live again.. x

        In my thoughts
        BH x

      • Yeah, one breath, one step, we always get to where we need to be. And “nods” back


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