Smoke Screen


We tie his arms and legs to da cars and rip him apart, he ran off wid our doh, he’s nuttin but a gutter rat, nobody gets away wid dat, nobody. Bluey you and da boys, you find him, he caint of got far.

We’ll get him boss, he’ll wish he never crossed us…I mean you, you was the brainz behind it.

You caint trust no one Bluey, ya find him, he tells us where he hid the loot, we split him like a chicken.

I’ll find him boss, count on da boys and me.

Bluey got up from his chair, leaving the darkened room and the smoke that made his eyes sting and hard to focus.

The rat inhaled deeply once again, smirked and exited from the back door, being careful not to trip over the bloodied head lying on the floor beneath his desk.


Angela has done it again, another week with a brilliant photo.

No poetry this week, I haven’t read any of the other entries, but my intuition tells me that they will be along the same theme. I’m off to have a look – why don’t you? 🙂

VisDare 28: Obscured

142 words

photo credits:

28 thoughts on “Smoke Screen

  1. The story being justa snippet is hard to talk about, though ?I realize this was a prompt. But the dialect in the dialogue seemed pusehed and trite almost comic like blackface used to be.>KB

  2. That was COOL. I so heard the gangster accent ala 1940’s noir nod nods.

    And what is cool too…the smoke blocking his face….it could also have gone the evil route. (I mean even more evil than gangsters with beheaded heads at their feet…erk!)

    If you use some imagination…ohhh, the smoke can look like a devils face…with horns even!

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