iron prongs that cover you
can my arms reach
in-between the twisted steel
to grasp your pain
I gladly take it unto me
for this is what I do
to seize your feelings of lowliness
run with how you feel – to comfort you
so you may return

for you are trapped
your voice echos with sorrow
in my restless sleep
I shall untwist you – bend the steel
so you have no more suffering
a life not held, within yourself
your smile I long to see
and not your tears

Let me slash my hands
cast your barbed wire to the ground
to rid you of despair
absorb your hurt, I’d lay my life
entwine myself – in barbs
bleed the pain away, I would
if I could
set you free

17 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. at least to these ears, you certainly dug deep to find these words, and that anyone should consider themselves so fortunate, to have your unwavering support and love. {{{ h u g s }}] to you, always.

  2. Your words portray so very clearly and poetically what mothers would do for their children. The image of ‘untwist you — bend the steel’ is strong and speaks reams!

  3. I could really sense your pain and struggle through this poem. What beautiful words- you would do anything to make things right for your child. Loved it. xo

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