All the world’s a stage

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Maggie forlorn
have the walls closed in on you
aren’t you waiting in the wings
for your chance to shine

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – what is on your mind

your face it speaks of sorrow
no life in hands, that rest upon the chaise
what has happened in your world today
to bring about your pain

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – to me again

has your heart been broken
your pillow wet from tears
your despondancy overwhelms me
your mind so lost in thought

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – how this has come about

others would kill to play this part
for the spotlight to be theirs
to have the accolades bestowed
Maggie, I wish your malaise gone

but do remember –  the show must still go on


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15 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

  1. The mystery of the last in the image is what drives to be creative. I like that you pose questions which we the reader must contemplate . Nice done J. I liked this .

    • Can I say oh ‘O’ you must be tired – your correction made me smile though. Thank you for reading, yes I thought questions were apt, as if we were indeed having the conversation with her. Images, music such an insipiration – always- forever. (Get some rest) 🙂

  2. You have written the truth of life and shown that she really needs someone to listen to her….but yes, life must go on; and hopefully as it does new love will be found.

  3. I can relate to Maggie. That’s rather what my life has come to feel like. I only continue because there are people and creatures whose lives would be screwed up if I offed myself.

  4. I love how these prompts inspire such different things for everyone. Your words grow on me as I reread, (possibly because I really should have been in bed when I read it last night). I love the questions you’ve left behind.

    • Thank you Bells that is so kind of you, I find sometimes I have to read through verse several times myself, especially when tired and the grey cells aren’t running properly- appreciate you reading. 🙂

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