frame of minds

am I forgotten
amongst metal frames corroding
endless corridors, starched white sheets
remnants of my meals, dried upon the
pale blue gown I wear
I never liked this colour blue

are you aware of
the breath you draw, is the exhale
breathed of me – as you daydream drying plates
looking onto fields of green, I’m amongst those
who soil their pyjamas and weep, take that rubbish away
– I do not like your jelly

I wonder if you notice
your visits are rare – in my head I see you smile
hear your voice, why have I so many bruises
the colour of petrol on my skin that’s paper thin
– I tell them they have to move me more

so will you come and visit
sit and read to me whispering – ‘you’ll be home soon’
back where I belong, where I can dry your plates
I’ll not get in your way, let me live where I feel safe
– just remind me who you are again


… written for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub.

So like to see you there. They are celebrating their 2 year Anniversary!!

I’m sure there will be a drink on the house.

37 thoughts on “frame of minds

  1. This is very moving ramblinmumma. I think we can relate to these situations.
    I especially connect with the final line..’let me live where I feel safe’ I think all of us want that.
    The context of the poem would be nice to know.

    • Thank you ‘O’ , I drew on story a friend of mine told me of her mother in a home, who suffers dementia. I do not why things spring to mind where I feel I have to write…the beauty of a muse and free spirit. Thank you for reading.

    • Hello BR – firstly thank you for reading and commenting. Secondly, I understand, as my mother who lives at home has days of being lucid..days of great confusion and endless questions, which we have given answers too. It is a cruel and debilitating disease. My thoughts are with you.

  2. kinda scary…let me live where i feel safe….the bruises…i like how you let us look in on the thoughts of this person in the situation…the wondering if they will come see them…the thought of going back home only to serve them…lots of emotion just under the surface

    • Thank you Brian, yes hopefully it was also picked up the in the beginning the sense that she thought no one visited or cared, when in fact it was her non-rememberance of them even being there. I appreciate greatly you reading and your kind comments.

  3. Wow, you wrote a strong poem here about a subject many of us deal with or will deal with. So very real and so very hard. Alzheimers is indeed a horrible disease. It steals so much from a person. The last lines of each stanza always added such impact! Nice meeting you here in dVerse!

  4. This is so sad Jen but such a reality for so many. It tugs at my heart for so many reasons. I have worked in nursing homes and retirement communities and seen people suffering with having to be there. I also worked on my own and would go “babysit” for a lady with Alzheimer’s so her adult daughter could get out of the house for a bit. She made the choice to keep her mum at home so she didn’t have to deal with the nursing home but you could see the toil it was taking on the daughter. Such a hard thing no matter the circumstances.

  5. So sad and I lived through this with my mother, who passed away from complications of this disease, on her 85th birthday last summer. Such a haunting piece –

  6. Very touching. I really felt the see-saw of thoughts from lucidity to bewilderment. You’ve captured the process of dementia really well

  7. So sad.

    I sent this along to a girl I know who has been caring for her Mom even though there are 4 other family members who just do not seem to get it.


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