should I …or shouldn’t I

tell me is it too brazen of me…

should one be secretive…

simply let it slip by…

pretend it doesn’t matter…

when I wake in the morning

the 19th of July

hmmm just another day…




Please watch them dance – I love it!



so there it’s out there…

oh and my 523rd post

55 thoughts on “should I …or shouldn’t I

  1. Happy Birthday.. Secretive festive wishes and a cake, that I didn’t bake. I hope the day finds you well and with smiles. It’s not just another day, if you make it that way..

  2. Secrets are for pretence

    Truth is there for ever

    Life is a contradiction

    Yet the signs are set in fate

    Live your years with wonder

    Then no day is pretence

    Happy Happy Birthday My Dearest Friend

    with much love Sus xxxxxx

    ps its late so please dont hold this against me lol xxx

    Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 12:29:19 +0000 To:

    • How cute are you my friend of so many years (ok I won’t go on about that, or I will remember how old I am) – thank you so much for writing this, “live your years in wonder:… beautiful. Thank you gorgeous – I love you. xxx 🙂

    • Thank you ‘O’ – I was in denial for a little while and now I think why should we be, we should take every day as one to be celebrated so I put it out there 🙂 Perhaps tomorrow denial shall come again;-)


    By the time you get this it will be past your special day …. (though in truth you should have a special day EVERDAY nod nods). I wanted so much to send you a card….apologizes for the lateness but knows you understand.

    And … just so you know … if you had not admitted this to the Blog World….I would have outed you haha. I sooooooo had a plan ready nod nods.

    Again …. happy, happy, super duper happy birthdayyyyyy tooooo youuuuuuuuuuuoooooooo

    • lol my darling – thank you s much – it was only yesterday but already seems a life time ago. Pfft about the card – no need and I thank you for the gesture, knowing you are here is all I need.
      Thank you for the singing – such a lovely voice 🙂 xxx

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