entering the darkened woods
casting not a backward glance
she ran
footsteps and laboured breath
in time with hers
he followed

one by one she grasped the trees
fingers bled, ankles grazed
there was no giving up
her screaming cry
broke the moonlight
help me
and still he followed on

her past would not let go
she stumbled in the dark
wolves called inside the mist
silencing her last scream
as it echoed through the trees
and rose to the stars

her heart began to tear
the blade cast in her back
she yelled
blood fell from her mouth
her past no longer
haunted her
haunted him

25 thoughts on “running

  1. That was a brilliant read..I won’t sleep tonight though πŸ™‚
    Joking.. x
    What didn’t you dislike about it, you mentioned it in your newest blog also..

    X x

  2. Mmmm my lovely, where were you with this one? I read through the comments and gathered you did not like where it went. I’ll tell you what I thought at first glance, then at second. I found it dark, incredibly murky and yet at second glance, I felt a story there. A lesson. Something bigger you wanted coming out. I still like it, off or not. You have allowed your readers to react, that alone is wonderful.

    • I am following you around – that’s where I am (at least in your comments) no I am not happy about this one – and apart from it being choppy I do not know why – thank you for reading, thank you grounding me πŸ™‚ xx

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