frozen in time – just a bit of nonsense

Do not ask why I came up with this – as I truly have no idea at all.

if frozen
not in terms of iCe
– clock stops
no digits on the cell
no sun dial watched
no tides of oceans
– nothing
zilch- nadda

humanity figurines
– plasticine
elbows bent
crooked necks
feet up steps

TV watching – eating food
cooking spaghetti – throwing
the pan – making love
or worse
what thoughts
would be our last
at the precise time of STOP

fear – happy
scared – miserable
tears – worry
did I pay the gas

ssssssolid like an icy-pole
K(c)oncrete pillarrrs
the second we can’t move

when the clock ticks – time
begins again
we race
– no slowing doWn

to smell roses
-robots come to life
we simply start again

22 thoughts on “frozen in time – just a bit of nonsense

  1. you know I really like this one Rambly. free flow and loose but yet there is a serious underlying tone there that gets you nodding your head yes and thinking. Yup, I like it lots

    • Really? It was so spur of the moment. I was standing watching some of the people at work in the warehouse, phone in hand for notes (at any given time) and one lady stood so still her back to me in the distance, just like she was frozen… I jotted it down and thought hmm at least it is lighter than my last one – so I THANK YOU πŸ™‚ lots

  2. Dear RM this for me was no bit of nonsense but one of those moments where you imagine the end of time is just about the occur and you are wondering where you turned off the iron or not. That is a deep thought the idea of what we might be doing and or thinking when we stop.
    Very thought provoking J. And you thought it was ‘nonsense’. Ha!

    • πŸ˜€ how weird – perhaps because most of what I write is so serious, I assumed my readers would think I had totally flipped with this one..I have been proven wrong it seems. Thank you SS2 – thank you kindly.

  3. Love it too Mums–lots of little jewels in here, in sound and meaning, sometimes you have to let the water flow and see what it uncovers…like:
    “cooking spaghetti – throwing
    the pan – making love
    or worse”
    Love that!
    This has a great sic-fi feel to it. I was frozen but left still able to think, and then, when the hell of immobility is almost too much, released again! What relief! You should do more of this, if only to see for yourself what comes to the surface, what is exposed when you’re not trying to “do” anything.

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