not long now – Visdare # 30


Andrew sat patiently, the morning sun, escaping from the clouds. He closed his eyes smirking slightly, drifting off to the sounds of the city coming to life beneath him.

Camera set, hands resting, the hustle and bustle of a new day began with car horns and cabs and people walking excitedly down the pavements.

He received a few upward glances, people pointing and scratching heads at his prime position. Not often (if at all) would they encounter someone perched on top of the lion at Nelson’s Column, except of course for the pigeons and the occasional seagull.

He was ready, the day had come. Not a better vantage point could be found.

Soon they would drive by and he would get the photo of the decade for the newspaper he had worked for,  for 6 years.

With the headline “It’s a Boy”.

Surely that’s worth a promotion.


In light of the recent event in the UK and the birth of Prince George – I thought I would ‘go with the flow’ with this pic from VisDare this week.   Anonymous Legacy  Please join in the fun 150 words or less. VisDare 30: Basking

26 thoughts on “not long now – Visdare # 30

  1. Wonderful piece.

    I secretly hope his Mommy calls him Alex when away from the throngs of watchful eyes 🙂

  2. Even though I haven’t followed much of the news I like this story (maybe more because I haven’t). I like that you let your character think of the Prince as an opportunity. Very different perspective than the people celebrating the birth of a new royal heir.

    • Thank you reading and welcome “PR” – The lad will be sought after his entire life unfortunately, stories, headlines, photographs, as were his grandmother (RIP Di) father and Uncle when they were younger. Many do not like the Royal Family (I live in Australia) I am not a Republican, this is new life, a new Heir – I say merely leave him and his parents be. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

  3. Sorry about my last comment! It was playing around on me.
    My actual comment…haha! For a moment there I thought he might be a sniper, but a much happier ending for sure 🙂

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