Tripping in the 70’s


sTep up – steP up
no Staircase in Sight
lifting kneeS  . . . marching
why is the ground So high
laughter heard yet
faceS are not Seen
I laugh along Side them
but laughing at mySelf
sTepping high there are
no reaSonS why

want to be alone
wall paper emboSSed
bedroom bedSide lamp
Switched on
velvet red beginS
to move – movement
turns to Spiders
climbing round the wallS
flowered velvet moving
now I’m really Scared

where iS the one I love
drunk in a corner
or flirting with my friendS
not caring for my Sanity
and the flowerS
keep growing legS
trapped and cannot move
can no one hear me SCream

outSide world Spins
or perhaps it’S me
that’S circling
I cannot cloSe my eyeS
I only wiSh to Sleep
adrenalin YES but
much more buzzeS through

get thiS mud off me
why I am So dirty
need a bath – pleaSe
Someone help me
water run hot
my body iS quite limp
and girlfriendS
have to Sit close by
as my head under water

they pull me up So many timeS
I want to drift into the
warmth, clean me
no let me Sleep
what the hell iS happening
do I really care

hours- dayS- how long
has thiS been
in a car we are driving
my drunken boyfriend
the man of my dreamS
Sober now and helping me

hill top cloSe to home
I Sit in jeanS and cheeSecloth
top, Summer in the 70’S
how long have I been awake
yeSterday morning iS the reply
I hold hiS hand and watch
the most magnificent Sun
riSe in the Sky

inceSSant chattering
cannot Stop body wired
tired So So tired but Still
So wide awake
cannot See the whiteS of eyeS
bloodShot taken place
70’S the experimental time
coming down
coming down
the treeS are green
the Sun a golden pancake
in the Sky
never. . . .ever. . .again

I cry

12 thoughts on “Tripping in the 70’s

    • Oh no it never happened again Beth – I shied away completely. It was at a party in a house where I lived with some girlfriends, I had had a ‘tiff’ with my B/F at the time and my younger brother offered me this little white tablet – I am assuming back then LSD – I was extremely hesitant, but also young and naive and so I stupidly agreed to 1/2. I am to this day, glad I did not consume the whole thing!
      It was over 40 years ago and I can remember every detail to this day….. Hard drugs – definitely NOT something to play with. xx

      • oh i agree, but not uncommon for the time. your memory of the whole experience was so vivid, so i thought it would either lead you to doing it again or staying away forever. sounds like it was the latter. good think you only took half )

    • I do love the Small Faces and Itchycoo park..well some songs bring back memories and this brought back mine. You made me laugh – but yes flashbacks I had for a while after the ‘event’ and even now I remember everything vividly, thankfully though only if I want too 🙂 Peace & Love back to you my friend 🙂

  1. OH man how I adored those days never dropped acid or even bit half but I will tell you with my long blonde hair and my tye dyed floppy hat, tight bell bottoms or short Sizzler Suit(micro dress matching panties) I am thankful I made it through and so grateful to have that girl I used to be so much apart of whom I am today. Still barefoot, with bell bottoms and was looking for a floppy hat to do up just yesterday no wonder I love you Peace Man 🙂

    • You made me laugh E – yes the bell bottom days and floppy hates, the cheese cloth embroidered tops, the beads the hair…what a sight for sore eyes we were 😉 I had the experience but I am so glad I didn’t fall into it’s trap – I don’t know how I could survive creepy spiders round my room for much longer! 😉 Peace Man xx 😉

      • 🙂

        Oh how I miss most of what those days stood for so as I look at my Facebook page I see a lot of that hippie girl still there. I am glad we made it through 🙂

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