nothing left

So, dive in!  At least dip your toe!  Get in the flow!  And sing! (But don’t get water up your nose.)  The topic for the day—a body or bodies of water.  For these purposes, a body of water can mean anything from an ocean to a mermaid (or man), a lake to a puddle, even, if you would, a glass, a tear, a rain drop.



Seabirds grace skies
circumscribed by blackened clouds

~whispering my name
ocean beyond cerulean hue

I walk ~hands splintering
on wooden rails, steepness of the
sandy track

you left
casting sandals across dampened
dunes bare foot

gazing to~
the crescent moon
lifting darkened green

my lips devour bubbles
liquid strength
you left

kick abandoned castles
tears ~as grains soar into the air
and I dance

whirling ~arms outstretched
as soles immerse
cold against the briny deep

I give of me to the hues of blue

swirls ~spilling saltiness
‘cross my lips
swallowing the sapor of the sea

you left

let the ocean swallow me

32 thoughts on “nothing left

  1. nice energy in this…giving yourself over to the hues of blue…this could be taken a few ways…the taking of ones own life in the water…or immersion in such abandon, which comes across very passionate…..the you left though is where i realized…and it became heavy….

    • taking myself into cold waters succumbed to ‘bubbles’ from the bottle as loneliness gripped and death the only answer…thank you Brian so much for reading – and like Claudia your words help and keep me going …so thank you

  2. I feel the grieving in this poem. The repetition of the words “You left” strengthens the feeling. I picture someone walking out in the ocean waves until being totally engulfed and overcome by the waves. Powerful poem.

    • Thank you Mary – tomorrow I shall be catching up and reading others – I so love the different visuals – the thought process – I am indebted to challenges set by DVerse – I am thankfu that you read and acknowledged. x

  3. Well, I think there is a joy here despite the ominous qualities — honestly – to be swallowed by sky and sea in terms of giving one’s self over is kind of freeing and that comes out in the dance too–the ambiguity is part of the intrigue. Thanks. k.

  4. This brings to mind Virginia Woolf and her ending…walking into the ocean with her pockets full of stones, though in my imagination there was more grey than cerulean. This is beautiful, sad and sensitively written. And you last line is perfect.

    • Hello again om – thank you so much, though the colour of the ocean different, I am humbled that what I wrote brought Virginia Woolf to mind.
      I appreciate you reading and commenting.

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