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It is VisDare Pic Challenge time from the wonderful Angela. 150 words or less.


Frozen in time, to the observers walking past the shop window they meant nothing.

The faceless ones , the worthless, the hollow, those who had excessive pride in their appearance, their qualities, their achievements all gained through pain of others.

Where did it get them in the end? Look at them now,  dressed as you or I, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Why did they feel they were better than everyone, knew more, thought only of themselves.

Purely vanity and their self absorption allowed them to feel superior.

Vanity it was written in the 14th Century one of the 7 deadly sins.

They had no concept of sins, 7 or otherwise.

Five, frozen, five now cast into purgatory.

For those that pass by, what is their fate?

VisDare 31: Focused

14 thoughts on “Sins

  1. they had no concept of sins…well that alone is a huge commentary on our present age…nothing is forbidden these days and it shows in our culture….and those that pass by…that is an interesting question to end on….

    • Morning Brian – thank you. No unfortunately most feel untouched by their conscience or feel it appropriate to act and do as they see fit these days. I’d love to say bring back ‘the stocks’ 🙂 Thank you, the ending.. what do we not know about them and will they end up like the others…

  2. The pain of the mannequin stuck in a moment in time. I like the philosophical possibilities this story conjures up RM. Beautifully done.

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