Time to say thank you on my 547th post

Who would have thought?

Certainly not I (well I fib I had a rough idea) but though I waited patiently in my lounge room at the front of the house for WordPress to arrive, they didn’t, insert 😦

They did not burst through my front door with bottles of Dom Perignon, smiley faces 🙂 and helium balloons fastened to a congratulatory card filled with all those signatures and cute remarks from all that work there  (hello by the way if you are reading – doing a fab job).

So I retreated from the lounge, head hung low,  walked passed the loo on the right, through my kitchen, stopping at the fridge for a slice of ham and drink, down three steps into the family room (rumpus), opened the sliding door, turned right, then right again to come into the study where I work type incessantly.

So pretty much a year (according to the stats page) July 2012 is when I began my blogolife, the first day 21 viewers “Hello Hello are you still watching”?  Don’t fret if you’re not. We all follow, un-follow, enjoy immensely one month and get tired of the month after. It’s a fact of life, I bear no grudges. (Insert humour here please)

Today as I haven’t thanked you all for some time, I thought it the perfect opportunity to do so.

Thank You to my 455  456 WP followers to my 84 FB followers (whoever you are) and not forgetting my 5 Twitter followers.  Thank You to the 23,370 people who have knocked on my front door….unlike WP (oh well as the saying goes beggars can’t be choosers).

Thank You for keeping me sane, driving me to write, to discover more about myself and to show me what I am capable of.

Thank You for being there when I wanted to rant and rave and gave me support, kindness, encouragement and your wisdom.

Thank You for reading my short stories, my poetry, my prose and yes my ramblings.

If you know me – I don’t write these Thank You posts for reasons of what we would call here to (suck-up) in order to have the like button pushed a gazillion times more.  I say Thank You because I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for the support and following of you all, there would be no need for me even having a blogolife. I say Thank You now as I have done since I started with WordPress and ….I shall continue for as long as I blog.

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to meet you, to come into your lives whether on here or by email, to get to know you and to develop some wonderful friendships.


and who knows it’s only 8:56pm Thursday night, maybe their plane has just been delayed.


LUV YA’ FACES AND YOUR HEARTS…..Mumsy, Rambly, Mums, RM, Mumz, Jen and any other name I am known by.


PS Thank you to Cyril who followed just after pushing publish 🙂

25 thoughts on “Time to say thank you on my 547th post

  1. you are so sweet Jenny, I don’t always read everything, you are so prolific I cannot keep up! but I drop in from time to time and I sometimes go back and read your previous entries, I have never been disappointed with your subject or your articulation and I have most definitely ( did you know that definitely is the most common misspelled word?) been amused many times and sometimes I fell your sadness so very clearly!
    You will never cease your writing Jenny as it’s in your mind your blood your soul……..
    Hugs Tricia xxx

    • I sit here holding my drink, with a mouthful which I held and finally gulped (including the noise) as I read your beautiful comment. I am prolific, guilty as charged mam, but you are right it is in my mind, blood and soul. Thank you for popping in and reading my thank you, it doesn’t matter to me if you read me a lot or a little, you are my support system. I do not hold my feelings in, simply because I can’t 😦 and yes I do know about defenitely I mean deafetively I mean difinitely 🙂 Thanks sweety for this – much appreciated. xxxx {hugs}

  2. Dear RM, What a feat. I reached fifty not long ago and I thought of myself as a hero for making so many posts.
    Humbly I shall retreat back into myself and set out on my next fifty with more humility and a growing sense of the wonders that are around me in the form of bloggers of such magnificence as you.
    Congratulations, you are proving to be a stayer.

    • Oh Summer, you are a hero. It is not for the praise that I write or give a thank you, not for a pat on the back at the amount that I have done (I am pretty prolific) as has been mentioned on numerous occasions. 🙂 Do not retreat my new friend, your posts will grow and you along side them. There is no magnificence in what I do. I do because I am passionate about writing – none of us would be here if we were not. I THANK YOU for recently following and for supporting me. Here’s to your 100th! x

  3. Congratulations my lovely. What a gorgeous post and such a nice way of showing appreciation.
    Love you heaps and so happy we met. You compose your feelings into such eloquent words, I see them myself, I see a story, I see a book, I see, not as a poet but as someone who can cast a story and feel a journey there. Marvelous Mumsy … Keep writing, keep composing and oh.. er, a drink or two as well… 🙂

  4. Well done my dear Aussie blogging sister. I don’t get to read all your posts because I’m not here every day, but you are talented, articulate and very kind. Cheers to the next 547! 😀

    • Di, I love that I have blogging Aussie sisters 🙂 (as I only have a brother and always wanted one) Thank you for your support and your kindness also my friend. Onward and upwards!! 🙂 xxx

  5. Congratulations on some well deserved achievments. No doubt your WordPress medallion is in the mail :). You clearly treat your blog and the people who pass by with caring and kindness and it is reflected in those stats. Blog on, dear Aussie blog sister, blog on!

    • Jude thank you so much, as long as my MAC holds up, my mouse can move, my keyboard does not get stuck and there is a thought in my head – I shall keep blogging. Thank you for following and your kindness. Will check the mail today (fingers crossed) 🙂 xxx

  6. I got sent a “Happy 1 year blogging picture”
    So I share it with you..

    You can place it to the right, for me?
    And type “Blogging for however long”

    lol @ the blog, made me smile

    Shaun xx

  7. I’m putting my stubborn pants on lol – I honestly don’t care if WP have forgotten bah humbug and by the time I figure out how to put this one up it will be 2 years down the track. I thank you though, perhaps later I shall put it up, but for now pfft no biggie 🙂 Ta for sharing I do like a boy with manners and I’m glad it made you smile 😀 xx

  8. Congratulations on one year of blogging! It’s amazing to think we have both been at this roughly the same amount of time and kept at it; knowing how hard it is to keep up and how much work goes into having a blog. You have brightened my life and it has been so wonderful getting to know you over this past year!

    • Thank you Mel (I’m still waiting for WP to arrive) but in the interim…yes a lot of work and time and continuous but I do love it. Thank you – you have also brightened my life and I am happy to have met you also {hugs} xx

  9. You sure have accumulated a lot of followers in your short time on Word Press. I guess it shows that talent attracts others. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I’m so glad I met you…you are truly a blessing.

    • You make me smile Bec – always have – always will, such a lovely comment to make – thank you (though in my head talent or getting away with waffling). I’m glad I met you too – very glad. 🙂 xx

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