Day before we leave

This isn’t’s a free write that I wrote into my phone as Mr. S and I sat on the foreshore overlooking the beach. It’s..well simply me..being ‘Mums’ and writing what I felt and saw.

Mountains in the distance..
but not that far away, tree tops
that are broccoli fully grown and
depending on the angle of the sun and
shadows cast, something in-between

the foreground of the sand trees
a brighter green, shrunken against
the back drop of the hills
yachts whose sails are brilliant white
flutter against the sun, into
the breeze

flat is the ocean, a dinner plate
not yet filled, until the crest of
white disturbs it’s calm, the dish
now starts to fill, sitting on the
foreshore with late sun
observing teenage love holding hands
and impressing

remembering the openness
of kissing, casting inhibition aside
the cloud that stops the sun
not darkening thoughts of love, as on the path
people walk dogs, ride bikes or jog
and palm tree fingers flicker
in the summer air

thinking who I love in this world
how privileged I am to feel this way
to witness what I do, knowing tomorrow
the plane will take me home
the cold will hit my skin
I write as the sun heralds its goodbye

a tear surfaces in my eye, a knot forms it’s
way into my stomach, I breathe deep, stay
centred..knowing…our lives are here
and now, how beautiful our surrounds are
if we only stop and open our eyes… to think
each day a holiday and not just for now

24 thoughts on “Day before we leave

  1. Mumsy, that was truly beautiful. I felt like I was sitting on that beach gazing at the yachts. I felt at ease and peaceful.

    As I read this, I have gentle piano music playing in the background. Its like the music was written for your poem. Love to you and Mr S. Glad you had a wonderful break.
    Hugs Paula xxx

  2. Sounds like you have had a great time as you should have. Good that you are able to reflect on and see the value to you of your time in Port Douglas. And I should point out winter is coming to an end, the days are getting warmer.

    • Winter can not finish soon enough for me.. in skirt thongs and T-shirt at the Airport, jeans and shoes in bag..ready for the brace. Yes summer reflection ..always when away from the ‘every day’. πŸ™‚

  3. lovely as always Jenny, let’s hope you come back to Cairns again soon,I do feel sorry that you have to experience winter ( what ever that is! ,lol) all over again..hugs xxx

    • Hi darling at the Airport (think you may have read that) πŸ˜‰ Hopefully we can return soon…very soon, then another catch up with you my friend {{hugs}} to you lovely and such a pleasure to have finally met you and Toni. xxx

  4. I hope you had fun…Glad you got home safe..
    As someone who “really” has never had a Holiday, as my life is a holiday..
    I hope you had the time of your life..


  5. Hello my lovely,
    I have been reading but not commenting, mostly because my week has been crazy with much more to come. I’m sorry you have to come back to yucky old Winter. May memories of your trip keep you warm.
    I loved reading your posts… It took me back to my honeymoon. We absolutely loved Cairns, the Barrier Reef alone was breathtaking. I still remember swimming in Port Douglas and remember walking in Daintree, coming to this pristine stretch of beach, so unspoilt, it was like another world. You brought me much joy because you mentioned staying at the Mercure Harbourside…*joyful gurgles* Can you believe we stayed there? Oh the view is divine.. Isn’t it? * more joyful gurgles*
    Hugging you!!!

    • I’m smiling & gurgling too! πŸ™‚ How bizarre you stayed at the Mecure too lol. So pleased you know all the spots we went too & that you followed our holiday πŸ˜€ I shall post some pics but I have over 100 so can’t do them all sadly. Gurgling & smiling though we are now on the freeway grey skies and traffic ugh! 😦 Huugggss back sweety xxxx

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