for he is just a cowboy
Please read the other entries, if you get a chance as these folk are amazing.
This is a 1st edit, will re-do once back home. Not a poem..not really anything- just thought.

Apologies for not getting around to reading from last week, especially those that took time out to read mine and comment. Holiday is over tomorrow (fly back home) so situation will be… almost normal. 🙂


For DVerse – The Poets Pub

Re-worked from 1st Edit.

Worn out boots kick up the dust
my flanks shiver; bridle held in
weather beaten hands, a reassuring
voice “Woah girl, good girl”
I know the human smile
my leg strikes the soil – a welcome
bridle raised, my head held high
metal bit cold, unforgiving
but there is trust- we have a bond
blanket thrown across my back takes
the chill out of my spine
whilst the glow of oil lanterns
attracts the winged night flyers
saddle placed with stirrup straps
the familiar kind old hands I feel
along my belly; cinch the girth strap
leather boot on metal, swinging
one leg over – that’s when I hear you sigh
“Head up girl” your old voice whispers
I walk on into the night
been sometime since we rode when the
sky was almost black
into the hills I forge, my hooves the
only sound we hear and I feel you on the
saddle to the rhythm of my gait
down to the Old Jones brook – I bend to take
a drink – that’s when it changes- when I
hear you fall
master – cowboy – nuzzling your
brow, smelling your hair
your last breath was doing what you loved
riding me, your old grey mare
so I stand just sniffing you for quite
the longest time, not wishing to forsake
you my cowboy… friend of mine

17 thoughts on “for he is just a cowboy

  1. I believe if my grandpa could have chosen a way to enter heaven it would have been like this – on one of his beloved horses. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Thank you so much Shanyms for reading, it was late when I wrote this and I shall be re-editing, but I appreciate your kindness. I think this would be the way that I would like to leave this earthly coil. R.I.P to your Grandpa.

  2. Awe. Horses are fright & flight animals and must really trust the rider in order to go out alone. I had my horse shy at something last year and I fell off. Golden rule is NEVER let go of the reins. I did. My sweet boy had “wild eyes” but he stayed with me and did not run. I would have had a good two mile walk back to the barn. Sweet poem… as Bjorn says, you need to finish this. 🙂

    • Hi Margaret, thank you for reading and commenting. Yes I know, I’ve ridden since I was 14 and thankfully apart from almost hanging off a low lying branch have never fallen. Wonderful, majestic, trusting animals. Glad your boy stayed with you 🙂 I shall try and finish as soon as I can – then it will have to Wednesday Open Link to resubmit. Appreciate you visiting.

  3. smiles…cool i like the perspective in this…there is a relationship between rider and horse….friends til the end…sad that it was his time, but at least he went after spending time with his friend…smiles…

    safe travels back home…

    • Hi Mr. B than you once again for the read. Yes I couldn’t quite ‘muster’ the cowboy Clint Eastwood style, but it needs a re-work. The relationship between man and beast – second to none.

      (thanks – will do) 🙂

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