Holiday Pics Daintree,Mossman Gorge,Cairns,Port Douglas,Green Island..etc etc

Seriously though I am tired, possibly one would say ‘over-tired’ as it’s now 1:10am erm Tuesday morning.

We arrived back in Melbourne at 4.30 ish. I have been awake since 6:30am.  We arrived in Melbourne, me in a skirt and t-shirt (had to show that I had a tan and that yes I’d been up North) to all the people that I did not know at the Airport… but luckily I had the foresight to pack the jeans (and bogan uggs) as Melbourne’s weather hadn’t changed…still winter, still bleak and miserable. Mr. S is snoring peacefully.

BUT fear not I am now able to share some of my holiday snaps (just a few as there are many) I shall post some more tomorrow ..lucky you!   Oh, you may have to double click to enlarge as they came out rather small.

This was the view from our balcony.. say awwww

These were the cows(Brahman)that came down to drink along the Daintree river..Mr. Crocodile was around the bend

If you look real close… the brown thing in the water (to the right) is Mr. Crocodile

This is me holding up a very large rock in Mossman Gorge..yes I’m strong

Mossman Gorge yet again..think I’ll get this one blown up

A Bush Turkey I secretly followed.. he didn’t know

Where we stayed – yes it’s lovely

One of the butterflies in the sanctuary we visited

oops and another

in the markets at Kuranda.. Aussie sense of humour

through the glass bottomed boat out from Green Island

and again

how the rich and famous live in Cairns ( Mr. S and I put a deposit down for the boat) the helicopter is extra

Day 1 moi standing on a coconut…that’s what you do with them isn’t it? This was an early morning walk hence the outfit.

Mr. S with his gourmet lunch of egg and bacon sandwich at Daintree Village (doesn’t he looked thrilled at having another photo taken)

huggin’ a tree at Mossman’s what you do (and no I don’t normally hug trees)

rainforest looking up in the Daintree forest

Okay yippeda yippeda that’s all folks…till later


29 thoughts on “Holiday Pics Daintree,Mossman Gorge,Cairns,Port Douglas,Green Island..etc etc

  1. this looks like a wonderful adventure. thanks for sharing, we’ve been wondering, and so glad you conquered the coconut! you sure showed it who’s boss! get some sleep )

  2. I want a crocodile with a hat! You just can’t get things like that here! All the pictures are beautiful, it looks like a fabulous place! Thank you for posting, it’s the closest I’ll get to a vacation this year! 😉

  3. Wow!

    So beautiful and peaceful, Mumsy!
    You looked so happy! 🙂
    Never smile at a crocodile
    Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin!!!

    Couldn’t help myself! Haha. Hugs Paula xxx

  4. oh, beautiful pictures and here is the awwww. but you vacationed with Crocodiles? wait, did you meet Mr dundee? think that is the name. They are a bit scary. but I do like your new boat. 😉

    you must have had such a great time there. Yay Mumsy.

  5. Hello lovely tree hugger and er strong lady who reminded me of Atlas( mythology crazy me) bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders… Although technically the weight was not on your shoulders… Aren’t I weird? I love your photos
    Ooooh you brought back memories and um, lovely Mr S. posing with his sandwich…
    Ugh, getting back to Melbourne after that – eeuuww!

    • Hello sweet thing 🙂 Oh yes me Mrs. Atlas? No you aren’t weird, I went down the same path you did with the shoulder thing 🙂 Grumpy Mr. S (no he wasn’t actually) he says he doesn’t like his picture taken, because he never has a nice shot. Pfft to you my Mr. S! Yes it has been TERRIBLE and so hard to settle back in the cold 😦
      Oh goes on (in the cold) xxxxx

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