Puppy Mills

Our Victorian government has failed to keep their promise to stamp out the cruelty in puppy factories. Instead their current draft code of practice for rearing and breeding of animals is weaker, narrower and if made law would result in worse conditions for dogs and cats.
Life for dogs in puppy factories is already bleak. Investigations have revealed dogs being confined in cramped enclosures with no access to food and water; no bedding; no exercise; no heat on freezing nights; no access to sunlight; and dogs even being permanently kept on wire floored cages. What will these new standards mean for dogs? If these changes are agreed to then:

Dogs will legally be able to be confined in puppy factories for their entire lives;
female breeding dogs will be able to be bred more often, with no limit for males;
and dogs no longer deemed profitable may be euthanased via ‘any method’, which could include shooting or being beaten over the head with a blunt object.
Our feline friends have drawn the short straw too, with the revised code recommending that cats only need to be fed once a day; diminishing or removing completely requirements for health checks and vaccinations; allowing animals with hereditary defects to be used for breeding; and allowing mating between second degree relatives.

This is in Victoria the State where I live. Puppy Mills/farms/factories call them by any name you wish, are all over the world. People who want the perfect ‘unique’ hand-bag pup, purchased through unregistered breeders or purchased from Pet stores. They are trying to ban the sale of live animals here in stores to try and run these backyard breeders out of business. Our State Government is being weak. They disgust me. Please adopt or buy from registered breeders only. So many animals are abused daily. Animals that have no voice and cannot fight back.

For our 4 legged friends.

Reach out your hand, show me love – that is all I want
I wasn’t born to live like this, just look into my eyes

my love is unconditional, you can yell – yet I’ll return
but I am always here for you, this is what I’ve learnt

I’m cold in winter on concrete floors, I need a blanket
for some warmth, let me see the sun, please someone take me home

can I walk on fresh green grass, run and play and bark at air
reach out and love me, that is all you have to share

don’t let me live cramped, lonely and abused, without the touch
of a human hand, this is not the life I choose

just a friendly smile, and a cuddle in your arms
please won’t you look after me, keep me safe from harm


13 thoughts on “Puppy Mills

  1. That is so sad. No animal should be kept in such a horrible environment. They are living creatures just like us. A voice needs to be raised against such unjust treatment. I hope there must be some social organizations working in that regard.

    • Your welcome hun. I totally understand what you are saying. But if we can ban the Mills, there would be no pups to buy, the back yard breeders who chain the bitches up to be mated all day, so much that after giving birth to several litters their uterus’s fall out. A loving home YES to every pup, but from registered breeders only. One’s who do not keep the breeding dogs in such horrific conditions. They are stopped, there are less pups and kittens. Everyone can adopt or buy an animal but if they knew under what conditions the animal was born..perhaps they would think twice. xx

  2. Thinking of these beautiful precious dogs enduring unimaginable cruelty absolutely shatters my heart…I want Oscar’s Law!!!! For anyone that doesn’t know what Oscar’s Law is, they have a great Facebook page, or check out their website http://www.oscarslaw.org…this is what we are all fighting for, join the fight!!!

  3. Your words are to be treasured and remembered. I think they could be framed, Jen or put on a calendar or poster.
    “Unconditional love” and give a “cuddle” were the poor little puppy’s gift and request. Such beautiful way you defend the animals who cannot protect or defend themselves. I went back to read this, my dear. ♡

    • Thank you, I had forgotten I wrote this, where has the time gone?! Perhaps I’ll post it on the Oscars Law website. They need protecting and a voice, any cruelty of any sort needs to be extinguished for good. Hugs lovely. ❤️😘

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